Stray Ch161

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 161: Humanity

Adrian finally tightened his brows.

Even now, his mind was still calmly calculating the most rational way to deal with this. Jesse Dylan’s strength was above him, and his attitude seemed to be particularly determined. His resistance obviously wouldn’t bear fruit.

So the former knight commander did only one thing—he walked to the table and turned the small stone statue to the side of the wall. His pupils were almost black under the fire of the chandelier.

Jesse seemed completely amused by his approach. The beautiful blond young man laughed loudly, as if he had seen something terribly funny. He untied his light blue coat, threw it casually on the soft carpet, and then ripped the lining off his chest. After doing so, Jesse approached Adrian and deliberately let the hot and humid breath brush against the knight’s cheek.

Adrian didn’t avoid but stood straight in place without saying a word.

“Are you nervous?” Jesse stretched out his hand, and his slender fingers untied the buckles on the high collar of the monk’s uniform one by one. The black long clothes were scattered on the ground, followed by the simple white lining. The blond young man’s fingers moved dexterously, sliding each button away silently, exposing the knight’s chest. His muscles were just right, and his wheat-colored skin looked like the color of warm honey under candlelight. It could be seen that he was treated well in the previous wars as there were no distorted or convex scars on his skin; there were only faint traces of them.

The battlefield-hardened knight looked a little dazed at the moment.

“What should I do now?” Adrian’s voice was flat. He raised his hands awkwardly, but finally put them down.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Jesse snorted. He leaned forward, pressed his face on the other man’s cheek, and licked his ear. He felt with satisfaction the tautness of the body against his skin.

Adrian subconsciously took a step back and slammed directly into the table behind him, with a little more surprise on his face. “I thought…”

“It seems that you really misunderstand a lot.” Jesse licked his lips and pulled the collar closer. The ice-blue eyes were as clear as gems in the firelight, but the sight was like a hook, sticky and scorching. “It’s impossible for me to be the bottom, love.”

The knight commander lowered his gaze, and after a while, he compromised coldly. “Then please.”

“I like your reaction.” Jesse leaned forward, took a gentle bite of Adrian’s earlobe, put it into his mouth, and licked it slowly. “How upright… You haven’t been treated like this, have you? You promised not to lie.”

The blond young man’s voice became softer and more ambiguous with an upturned tone at the end, as if he was being coquettish.

“No…” Adrian said as he gritted his teeth and his body trembled slightly. He leaned his back against the table, propped his hands back on the edge, and stubbornly tried to straighten his body.

“I also like this about you too.” Jesse retreated slightly after the sound of moist water. He put the tip of his nose against Adrian’s and rubbed it affectionately. “Honesty is a good quality.”

Then he kissed mercilessly.

Adrian was stunned by the invasion of the other party’s heat. He wasn’t ignorant of this kind of thing. Walking on the edge of human nature, facing various distorted desires of sinners, the Chief Justice had dealt with countless indulgences and many cases of lust that led to death. He had even seen the most insane and twisted, and he wrote down the report with his own hand, but he had always been a spectator. No one had ever kissed him.

It was better to say, no one had the guts to kiss him.

Adrian knew very well what he looked like when he was in office; covered in blood, rational and indifferent, and never wavered. If there was any difference between himself and Godwin Lopez—he was more willing to abide by the morality he believed in than to accept the rules and regulations stuck on paper.

Cardinal Mercer once commented on this. “This is the closest thing you have to being ‘human’, my son. Don’t lose even that. Even if one day… We’re on opposite sides, out of selfishness, I still hope you will stand your ground.”

“Cherish what you believe in from the bottom of your heart. That is the code that belongs only to you.” When he said this, his teacher looked a little sad. “Adri, even though I know this is unlikely, I still hope you can…”

At that time, he waited for a long time, but not for the end of that sentence. That was a sentiment that Adrian hadn’t been able to figure out. He didn’t feel that he lacked anything. His heart had long been wrapped in the chains of faith and restraint, and despite the stench of corpses and blood in his life, he was still able to move forward towards that little bit of light.

In fact, Adrian didn’t think the scenery on the side of the road was worth stopping to admire. He could see the end of his life and it was one where he was bound to die in pursuit of his faith. The moment he ascended to the position of Chief Justice of the Knight of Judgment, he knew that he would never be able to get rid of the bloodstained thorns under his feet in this life, but if the world was to continue to function, someone had to take on such a role.

The rest of his life would be painful, but so what?

The dizziness from hypoxia distracted his thoughts and brought Adrian back to reality—Jesse didn’t just stop when he saw it but continued the long, suffocating kiss.

The pain or humiliation he expected did not appear, but a passion so pure that it terrified him. The soft tongue probed his mouth and traced his palate, sending jolts down the back of his head. Even if he hadn’t had any actual love experience, being a man who has seen many things, this matter wouldn’t make him feel ashamed, but…

The back of his head was firmly imprisoned, and the tongue dexterously plundered him, almost going around the entire mouth. It cruelly stirred the knight’s long tongue and made loud slurping sounds. The irresistible heat exploded from his brain, causing Adrian’s hands and feet to tingle. For the first time, the strange feeling gave him a clear sense of resistance. However, Jesse Dylan seemed to be welded in place, unmoving.

This unfamiliar sensation that swept over him almost suffocated him as Adrian let out an almost inaudible muffled groan.

As if he had received satisfactory feedback, Jesse finally stopped the kiss and let out a chuckle. Their chests were close to each other, and Adrian could feel the beating of the other person’s chest.

The table made an ear-splitting sound of being pushed away. When he recovered, Adrian found himself lying on the thick carpet of the prayer room, between his faded monk clothes. He panted slightly. His brain hadn’t fully recovered due to the lack of oxygen. Jesse put his hands on his ears and, with an aggressive look coming from above, his long, cold blond hair spread across the knight commander’s bare-naked chest.

“First it was a mark,” Jesse said softly, glancing at the old monk’s uniform. “Don’t think about the one you’re imagining. I’ll give you a real seal.”

After that, Jesse leaned down and sucked the skin on the side of his neck, unexpectedly not arousing any pain. Then came the fingertips. Adrian thought that he must’ve used some spell. The hands that wandered around seemed to have an electric arc, setting off bursts of numbness and heat. All kinds of unfamiliar pleasure swarmed over Adrian’s scalp, and for the first time, he felt a bit overwhelmed. He forcibly swallowed the moan that almost spilled from his throat without uttering a sound and only frowned his brows more tightly.

There was no harsh teasing, no humiliating pain. Jesse Dylan’s performance was strangely gentle, as if they were lovers who loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. His movements were considerate and gentle, without any reluctance or urgency, and even gave him the illusion of being cherished.

‘This is just a deal,’ Adrian thought firmly. ‘I can’t be tempted by lust. Otherwise, it’s like…’

It’s like hedonism.

“Do you not like it?” Jesse raised his eyes and looked at him, sliding his right hand up along Adrian’s muscular left arm, rubbing the knight commander’s wrist lingeringly.

Adrian looked away for the first time.

“Don’t you want to look at me?” Jesse asked in a soft voice, and the movement of his hands stopped.

Adrian didn’t answer. At that moment, he really didn’t know how to answer.

“It’s okay,” Jesse said in a sweet tone as he tore off the wide ribbon that tied up his long hair. “I respect your wishes. If you don’t want to look at me, then just don’t look.”

A cold and smooth touch attached to his eyelids. Jesse gently raised Adrian’s head a little and blindfolded his dark brown eyes with a ribbon. Adrian’s vision instantly sank into darkness. His instinct as a warrior awakened again, and the muscles of the knight commander’s entire body immediately tightened.

“Shh—” Jesse lowered his head. More blond hair fell down, and his voice was dripping with laughter. “It’s okay, Adri. This isn’t torture, nor is it a dirty thing. Your Zenni won’t mind.”

After losing his vision, the touch of his body was suddenly magnified several folds. Soft and warm lips, a fiery tongue, moist fingers wandering around, and the ambiguous friction between skin—Adrian opened his mouth slightly, trying to inhale more cool night air in order to keep his mind calm.

But as soon as he took a few silent breaths, two slender fingers plundered into his mouth and teased his tongue for a while.

“Why are you holding back?” Jesse whispered in his ear, licking it even more unscrupulously with his tongue. “You’re a human after all. Isn’t it good to accept this? Absolute rationality doesn’t exist, love.”

He took out his fingers and stroked Adrian’s slightly red and swollen lips.

Adrian was a bit of a mess. He was barely able to muster any strength under the uncontrollable pleasure. Although he didn’t think that he was in perfect condition to beat Jesse Dylan, he was completely incapacitated…

He had experienced countless harsh training and knew very well how to control every feeling. Judge the injury by the pain. Ignore the severe pain and continue to act. No matter how many injuries he suffered, he could always support his body freely.

But the current situation was out of control. He felt a sense of panic when the dominant person changed to someone else, and that panic was mixed with a strange sense of relief. His brain seemed to be burning, unable to think clearly. Adrian bit his lower lip hard and tasted blood from his nearly numb mouth.

He still didn’t make any sound.

“Looks like that’s your last resistance,” Jesse kissed the other person’s forehead, which was oozing a thin layer of sweat. “Look at you. Looks like you’re ready.”

The memory that followed was shattered.

He should have been driven unconscious by the cascading pleasure, but his will, which had been polished by the battlefield for over a decade, didn’t allow him to do so. Adrian couldn’t remember exactly how long he persisted—he clung to the scattered monk clothes under him, almost clawing at the sturdy fabric. Long, slender legs trembled strangely with desire, while his vision remained pitch black.

Not only for these emotions, but he also became unfamiliar with himself at this moment.

In life, he should be a desperate inquisitor, and in death, he must become a bloodstained guide. Adrian had always been able to accurately interpret himself thoroughly in the eyes of others, but now he was confused for the first time.

No matter what it was before…

Countless noisy voices surfaced from his increasingly gloomy mind.

“Lord Cross has lost his powers?”

“Zenni is always righteous… He hasn’t recovered for so long; maybe he really is involved with a demon…”

‘It doesn’t matter,’ he thought.

“Did you hear that rumor? That war…Originally, Willard planned to use the Death Row Legion as bait to directly detonate the dragon breath stone mine and blow up Lord Cross and his knights. As a result, Lord Cross suddenly lost his powers, causing them to temporarily change their plans.”

“God, did he get the news from somewhere? To find such an excuse and take advantage of the situation to retreat—”

“Willard’s side are pagans! I don’t believe Lord Cross would collude with the leaders of the Mooney Sect…”

‘It’s fine,’ he thought.

There was no confusion in his heart and spirit as always. Adrian thought that no pain or guilt could strike him down, and in contrast, death was merely the end of his gray journey. He had forgotten the last time he really felt “happy” but it was fine to just keep it that way. Without attachments, there was no selfishness, and without selfishness, there was no deviation from the path ahead.

He did have reliable subordinates and trustworthy friends, but he was equally aware of their thoughts. They would eventually all be buried on the battlefield—it was only a matter of time before that was destined.

So if one day his life really ended, it would be a matter of course. There may be sadness in his body, but there would never be regrets or remorse. They would respect his death and regard it as some kind of shining golden glory. They would accept it peacefully and naturally, just as they accept the dead leaves falling from the branches in late autumn.

It should have been like this.

The knight commander tried to find a few prayers from his near-blank mind, but he couldn’t remember a word. The blood all over his body was boiling, making his throat dry and itchy, and his head was dizzy. For the first time in his life, his world was shaking due to another person, and there was no stopping it.

Some terrible longing exploded in his chest and quickly penetrated into his limbs. Adrian lifted his arms with difficulty, trying to touch the other person’s smooth, hot skin. The satin against his eyelids was moistened by sweat and a few tears, and the clothes beneath him were soaked through. He finally gasped and let out a very low whimper in the seemingly never-ending lurch.


Even at the last moment, Adrian failed to faint. He completely lost the strength to stand up or speak. Jesse put on his underwear and shrewdly performed a cleansing spell on the entire room. All the sticky liquid disappeared, and the clothes scattered all over the place became clean and fresh, but he had no intention of eliminating any of the marks left on the other person’s skin, and he didn’t have any plans to leave the prayer room.

The blond young man with scattered hair neatly folded the clothes scattered all over the place and stuffed them under Adrian’s head. Then he picked up his long coat and gently covered the knight commander. The candle was about to burn out, and Jesse leaned against the table with a tiny arc at the corner of his mouth.

Adrian let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

“Adrian Cross,” Jesse suddenly said. “I have thought about my third request.”

“Hmm.” Adrian didn’t open his eyes. He squeezed out a hoarse response from his throat.

“Promise me that you won’t die easily,” Jesse’s voice was very soft but rarely serious.

Adrian was silent for a long time, and after suppressing the sudden sourness in his heart, he was finally able to make a sound again.

“……Nn.” With vigilance for that unknown feeling, the exhausted knight turned over and quickly sank into sleep.

“Even so, there is no flicker, my star.” After making sure that the other party was asleep, he fastened the buttons of his underwear and sighed in an unclear manner. “You are still… silly and cute. Do you just love ‘me’ so much?”

He glanced at the statue of Zenni in the corner of the table. The small stone statue that was facing the wall had a deep and compassionate face. Jesse shook his head, sneered, and casually nudged the statue.

It cracked and shattered in an instant, not even leaving behind powder or dust.

When he woke up the next day, Adrian was the first to notice the soft pillows and thin quilt under him.

The sun had just risen, and the light that slipped into the window was still orange. Adrian didn’t react for a while, and when he tried to support his body, the soreness he had never experienced slammed him back onto the bed, making him unable to move. To make matters worse, that was not the only obstacle for the knight to get up. An arm was resting on his waist, vaguely perceptively pulling him back under the covers.

“Mr. Dylan.” Adrian couldn’t help pinching his brows. “Please let me go.”

“Call me Jesse, okay?” Jesse grunted in discontent. He propped his head with one hand and buried his elbows into the soft pillow. “Oh, you were much more enthusiastic last night than you are now.”

Adrian gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to gasp. A steady stream of soreness hit him in his lower back, only highlighting how unexpected the deadly aftermath of last night was. The knight commander pursed his lips tightly, grabbed the clean undergarments resting on the head of the bed, and roughly put it on. The white fabric covered most of the ambiguous red marks on his chest and neck. He wasn’t sure if the other party did it on purpose, but there were some traces that couldn’t be covered even with the high collar of the monk’s uniform.

“Plan?” Adrian asked succinctly by the bed, after putting on his uniform.

Jesse stretched out and the blanket slipped off his chest. He grinned widely, revealing his upper body as he rubbed up against the knight commander. “It’s simple. Let’s go and steal the magic stone from the Sword of Ruinous Fire. No, don’t frown just yet—I think you probably sensed that our dear Lord Pope is testing me.”

“I know.” Adrian nodded and moved his gaze away from the other’s brilliant golden hair.

“If I’m not mistaken, they’re probably fretting over Mr. Light’s staff.” Jesse gave a devious grin. “How perfect, a powerful and mysterious staff, an unexplainable mystery. They couldn’t figure out the details of that staff, so it’s obviously more reasonable to determine my abilities first.”

“Do you want to prove to him that your vision is narrow?” Adrian gauged the other man’s meaning.

“That’s right.” Jesse shrugged. A strand of blond hair slid off his shoulders. “There’s nothing better to control than people who are purely profit-seeking. The Sword of Ruinous Fire is not something anyone can use, but the magic stone is priceless. If we really get our hands on it and successfully escape—in the end, we’ll only be ‘capable thieves’, not ‘dangerous fire’.”

Power in hand, but without a vision to match, meant you have no real power. Looking at it from this perspective…

“It just so happens to also explain where Mr. Light got that staff.” Adrian habitually rubbed his chin with his hand and lowered his voice. “Overtly doing insignificant small tasks, secretly aiming at powerful weapons and props. Indeed, if that’s the position, everything would make sense.”

“Without clear evidence, the Laddism Church cannot confiscate the staff for no reason. Using that staff and bluffing our strength as bait, tangibly entering the labyrinth but only stealing the precious magic stone—when they find that the magic stone is gone, we would’ve taken the staff back long ago and already be on our merry way.” Jesse spread his hands up and bent his eyes with a smile. “You see, if you want to choose between being a ‘bold thief’ or ‘the scourge of the surface’, I personally prefer the former.”

“I have a question.” Adrian pondered for a moment. “If it’s a priceless magic stone, then there must be the possibility it could be weaponized. The Laddism Church won’t give up so easily.”

“Don’t worry.” Jesse laughed even more happily. “Believe me, that staff isn’t the first weapon that’s not worthy of its name. The head before that old man was more cunning than the old man himself.”

Adrian felt relieved. He was just about to turn around and walk away, but Jesse grabbed his sleeve…

“Adri.” The blond young man sat upright on the soft bed. His tone was relaxed and casual. “How are you today? Do you like me a little bit now?”

The knight commander stretched out his free hand and pulled off a long strand of blond hair from his monk’s uniform. He lowered his eyes to the gorgeous face, and an almost imperceptible wry smile surfaced at the corner of his mouth.

Then he shook his head gently.

The author has something to say:

It seems that many people have turned against the side CP (…), Jesse, look at you, look at you! Really not good√

Kinky Thoughts:

Who would be against this CP?! Oh god, this chapter is so fucking hot that I need Jesus Zenni Jesse.

And, yessss Adrian bottoms. It can’t get any hotter than this. They’re breaking the stereotypical gong x shou mold. Nothing is hotter than a beauty topping a hunk. Call me an ambulance because I just lost so much blood from this chapter… Ollie and Nemo, take notes, babies.

I always had an inkling that Jesse would be Zenni, considering all the obsession and devotion Adrian has towards him. Now darling Adri, you get to have your cake and eat it too (L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y)… Well, I guess Jesse’s the one eating cake… But you get my point.

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