Stray Ch141

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 141: Disappearing Castle

This must be an illusion.

Oliver felt the body temperature coming from the palm of his left hand. His eyes suddenly swelled and he almost shed tears again. Just like a creature that had been wandering in the dark for too long, the world became unreal and terrifying in an instant. Such a happy thing couldn’t happen in a place like this. It may be that he subconsciously fabricated this illusion to support himself because it was too painful.

After all, there were still many things that had to be done, and he couldn’t fall yet.

As if he was about to freeze to death, Oliver was greedily sucking the temperature through from the other party’s wrist that felt firm to the touch. It was smooth and strong and didn’t feel as warm as it really was.

He held the temperature close, listening to the other party’s voice, and responded almost instinctively, not knowing what he said. There was only one thought in his hazy consciousness—if it was possible, if Nemo was really here, he must say everything he wanted to say.

Before, he always thought that they still had plenty of time. They still had time to slowly get sentimental, and time to waste on shyness and tension, just like most normal couples.

But he almost never saw Nemo again, and he didn’t even have time to express his true feelings.

Please wait a bit longer. Just a bit longer.

Even if it’s an illusion, please don’t dissipate so quickly.

Oliver held the wrist with his left hand and pressed his parched lips on it. After a clumsy kiss, he was finally willing to let go. The weak knight raised his head, glanced at Randy and Mora not far away, and then decided to give up thinking about the current situation.

His whole body was in pain, trembling in agony everywhere. The terrible collar finally shattered, leaving only a little debris stuck in his armor. Oliver wanted to use a condensation spell to first rehydrate himself, but he couldn’t do it. Whether it was reciting a spell in his heart or drawing runes with his hand, the condensation spell showed no sign of being activated.

But he didn’t feel that his power was drying up. Contrary, the strange force ignored his capacity and constantly gushed out. The gray mist kept spinning around him, carrying chaos and nothingness, directly destroying the blood furnace.

The remnants of life accumulated over thousands of years—those flesh and blood that were unconscious and only had the instinct to devour—were wiped out in the mist drawn by the bone sword.

Including the bones of those heroes.

Oliver licked his chapped lips and tried to empty his consciousness. The gray mists seemed to be a part of his body. It flowed back and forth around him, rushing in the wind. It was like suddenly there were countless wired limbs, but his subconscious mind was able to control them to a certain extent.

The world in front of him had completely changed.

The Gatekeeper’s guard and alarm spells made visible ripples in the air. Oliver could feel every life nearby. Although they were vague and indistinguishable, they were like obvious fireflies in the dark. He tried to stretch out his hand, as if to gather something. The circling mist quickly rotated around the three people in front of him, condensing into a solid protective barrier. Regardless of whether Nemo and the assassin couple were real or a hallucination, it was always better to be cautious.

Nemo, in his illusion, seemed to be yelling something, but the agitation of power seemed to make Oliver’s blood burn all over his body. His ears were filled with the sound of his heartbeat, which seemed to be going out of control. All external voices became distant and blurred.

After confirming that everything was fine, Oliver closed his eyes. The power flowing rapidly in his body was like a growing blade that was scraping at his bones, nerves, and internal organs, but it didn’t matter. He could still control it, just like controlling fine sand flowing out of his fingers.

Perhaps the accuracy of his control was still too rough. He could at least spread it in the direction he wanted to.

The peak of the mountain broke.

It wasn’t like being blown up or being smashed into pieces by a giant. It began to crumble softly from the highest point, quietly shattering into small pieces of sand and gravel, then fell from the sky. Oliver grabbed hard, raised his hand as if overwhelmed, and gestured with difficulty. People began to float in the air, held by the gray mist. Some were screaming, some were cursing, and the rest were silent.

The pieces rose faster, rubbing against each other, making a tooth-aching sound. Dark clouds gathered over the collapsed Withered Castle, rolling out a dark and frightening vortex above it.

He wasn’t a dead man nor a murderer. That cold statement was broken. He was an upright man who had left the Withered Castle.

And then destroyed it with his own hands.

When he was pulled into the air by the gray mist, the manager who wore glasses was still in a daze.

Everyone around him was falling towards the night sky, followed by a weird gray mist that shattered into debris smaller than corn kernels. Paper, materials, books, records… All the things that carried data and information all floated up in an unpleasant way and disintegrated. Finally, a spark from nowhere ignited the castle. The flames started from Tela’s piles of books and spread instantly. When he was lifted up, he had to watch with bated breath as thousands of years of living research turned into ashes and flames.

Those ancient and previous data that they used expensive magic stones to back up; everything was destroyed within minutes, disappearing from this world and could never be reproduced again.

Just for a group of inferior products, a group of worthless people…

He squeezed a few desperate whines from his throat.

The flames were followed by an explosion and thick smoke. The manager of the test area turned blankly in the direction of the blood furnace, but the furnace that should have stood between heaven and earth didn’t have a trace of even a shadow left.

The fire was getting bigger, and the rising heat wave rushed up from below. ‘Now wasn’t the time to feel distressed about the records,’ the manager thought to himself. He didn’t know if he should grab the mist that looked illusory, and he didn’t dare to move casually, so he had to shout at the people around him.

“Tela!” he shouted. “Have you seen this?”

But the sloppy middle-aged man turned a deaf ear. He just laid in the gray mist and even laughed a few times.

“Answer me!” There was a bump in the gray mist. The glasses of the manger fell to the ground, making his eyes hazy. He didn’t even dare to move. It’s probably Ramon’s ghost. What was he going to do? Have them experience the limits of their fears and then plummet them to their deaths?

The researchers around him still didn’t respond. The manager of the test zone squinted, and fire stung his eyelids. The scorching air suffocated him, and debris flew all around him, rising to the ominous dark cloud vortex in the night sky. Oliver Ramon ruined everything. He destroyed their life’s work right before their eyes.

No, it was hard to say if that thing was “Ramon”. It could be really crazy, or…

The manager trembled and gritted his teeth, unable to say whether it was because of anger or fear. He wanted to scream, but he choked on the black smock that made him cough. When a figure floated in front of him, he almost cursed subconsciously.

But the person wasn’t Oliver Ramon.

It was a handsome young man with black hair, fair skin, and soft facial features. He looked harmless at first glance, but when he raised his eyes, the gaze cast by those silver eyes was almost enough to strangle him from their momentum alone. He even had the illusion that the young man in front of him completely saw through him, and his gaze pierced directly into his bones, exposing all his thoughts in an instant.

The beautiful young man stopped in mid-air in silence, with a raging fire under his feet. His wide robe was hit by flying debris from time to time, fluttering faintly in the rolling black smoke. The man reached out his hand, and his face showed signs of obvious grief… As well as anger.

There was no such person in their records, but at this moment, he didn’t have the mind to guess the origin of his opponent. The momentum was getting stronger and it made him so dizzy that he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

“Do you know how much I want to kill you?” the young man asked rhetorically. His voice wasn’t cold but broken and trembling. “I just need to make your physical state like Ollie’s, and you’ll die immediately.”

The black-haired young man’s words were clear, but each word felt as if it were harshly squeezed out of his teeth. “But if I do that, he’ll be sad… I don’t want to make him sad.”

“I…” before the manager could reply, the old man not far away shouted.

“What’s wrong with getting rid of the worst and bringing happiness to the rest?” The old man’s voice was sharp. “No one needs those people, and they don’t treat themselves as human beings! Progress is always accompanied by sacrifice. We have provided the world with the most perfect defense props and the most advanced skills, and all this only needs the sacrifice of a few scums. You naïve, self-righteous little…”

“I’m not here to argue with you.” The black-haired young man raised his hand. His voice got lower. “For right or wrong? I’m not such a great person. I just want to protect the person I love, and I almost let you kill him.”

“I’m not afraid of death.” The old man was right. A heroic feeling suddenly rose in the manager’s heart. Besides, they had lost everything. “Kill if you want. People like you can never understand our sacrifice for a noble purpose. You can’t stop people’s progress. You—”

“Progress,” the fair young man murmured. “If you really want human data, I believe there’s a better solution… Without getting on your high horse and merely thinking those people weren’t worthy.”

He turned his head sideways and glanced at the person on the other side of the gray mist. The group of sluggish prisoners seemed to be destroyed. They were silent, unaware of the destruction around them, but were looking up at the stars.

“Let me tell you one thing. In my opinion, there’s no difference in your ‘grade’.”

This time, the strange young man’s voice was completely cold.

The dark shadow hovered behind him. It sucked out all the light projected and shook ominously, like the long hair of a corpse under the water swaying with the waves. They suddenly stretched out, rose into the sky, and fell in all directions. One of the black shadows strangled the neck of the manager in the test zone. The next sound seemed to ring directly in his brain.

“All the pain you have caused by your own hands will return in dreams at night.”

“I don’t know how many people have lived here, but I do know how many are still alive. I’ll return those pain, despair, and hatred to you intact. Prepare for decades of nightmares.”

“Of course, you still have the freedom to continue your research, so let me add a small caveat…”

The manager of the test zone suddenly felt chills. He narrowed his eyes hard, trying to distinguish the expression of the terrifying young man, but his eyes only saw a blurry ball of facial features.

“…If you continue such research, the new pain will continue to follow you. For the sake of your noble purpose, please suit yourself.”

“…Now go to sleep and have a good dream.”

The person who lost his glasses only saw the outline of the young man clearly. At this time, he was lowering his head indifferently and making a sarcastic salute.

The dark shadow that was originally wrapped around his skin squirmed and penetrated through it. The unique cold feeling of the curse was instantly soaked in his limbs and bones. He tried to keep his eyes open, as if doing so would prevent the drowsiness, but he still fell asleep in the mist and, in the next second, lost consciousness.

Nemo put down his right hand, and the shadows immediately returned to his feet, as docile as a bunny.

All the Gatekeepers lay on the gray mist one after another, groaning in pain. Chanting, whispered screams, and neurotic sobs instantly sounded everywhere. These real nightmares would follow them every night, until the day of reckoning was complete.

Only one Gatekeeper was still awake. One he knew.

The gray mist was still raging, and the entire mountain peak was almost flat at this moment before it descended. Oliver didn’t intend to let go of the underground part of the Withered Castle. A dark pit gradually appeared on the desolated land, like a bone-dry empty eye socket.

It’s almost over, Nemo thought to himself. There’s one last thing to take care of.

He must protect Oliver.

Nemo exhaled a sigh of relief, rushed lightly to one of the gray mist balls in the sky, and directly picked up the sloppy middle-aged man on it.

“Telaranea.” He stared straight into the eyes of the demon in front of him and clenched the hand that had grasped his collar. “Long time, no see.”

The author has something to say:

When I wrote this chapter, I was actually… full of thoughts of…

Oliver: Delete the database! Blow up the server!

Nemo: Reset everything. You have to fix all the bugs every night.

… …

Sorry (.


Randy and Mora who witnessed everything: ………………………………………………….

Mora: …Did you really fight with him?

Mora: Are you already dead and just haven’t found out yet?

Randy: …

Kinky Thoughts:

A fitting punishment. People often delude and tell themselves whatever they need to in order to sleep comfortably at night. Well, now they won’t.

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