Stray Ch133

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 133: Their Respective Fates

The corridors of the test zone were regular and clean. The body Telaranea currently possessed was more suitable for the battle zone. The scruffy middle-aged man rubbed his hair and yawned. The carved, thick metal door closed heavily behind him.

“What can I do for you?” he repeated vaguely.

The wide sleeves covered Mora’s clenched fists. Since leaving the village with Randy, she had forgotten how many people they had killed. Mora had long been accustomed to hiding in the dark like a predatory cat, calmly and quickly harvesting lives. This experience of being so nervous that it was difficult to breathe was brand new.

This was the superior demon they finally found. The third in fourteen years. She had to be careful not to make the other party feel unhappy. After confirming that there was no one around, the female killer carefully lifted her disguise.

“Lord Telaranea.” Mora lowered her head, not daring to breathe too hard.

Telaranea raised his eyebrows. He glanced at the other’s pocket casually and let out a casual sigh.

“I want to make a deal with you.” Mora didn’t seem to have her usual tone and sounded extraordinarily docile. “You may have heard of us—‘Sancho’s Grey Fox’.”

“’Sancho’s Gray Fox’,” Telaranea pressed his forehead. “I have a bit of an impression. An assassin who refuses to see people… But if my information is correct, the gray fox should be a man.”

“I’ll never lie to you, my Lord. “We, yes, the two of us, can be your swords and help you get rid of anyone cleanly,” Mora’s tone softened, as if she were speaking to a fragile human baby rather than a moody superior demon. “We only need a word from you.”

“Speak.” The demon remained undecided.

“…I hope you can recognize us.”

“What?” Telaranea tugged at his ears. “I seemed distracted just now.”

“I hope you can recognize us from the bottom of your heart,” the female assassin swallowed. “My lover and I are cursed. We need…”

“Need the blessing of a superior demon?” The demon sneered. “I’m very sorry, lovely lady. I can’t help you.”

The superior demon of the Withered Castle, Telaranea. They searched for this clue for eight years, but unfortunately, no one knew where the Withered Castle was, and that damn building would move its position from time to time. After confirming the credibility of the information, Randy deliberately went to prison. His strength was enough that he was picked up by the Gatekeepers without surprise.

They knew it was dangerous and crazy. It turned out that their pursuit was well worth it. She did find someone who matched the description, but the demon wasn’t vigilant after its identity was exposed and even accurately said the solution to the curse when she was just about to explain it. It was like…

Mora stopped breathing. She stood quietly in the distance. There was no pain or disappointment on her face, but her voice trembled slightly. “I… Can I know the reason?”

“Let me see, let me see. The demon who ‘cursed’ you. If I remember—was she wearing braided hair, had little freckles on her face, and was carrying a fruit basket full of apples?”

Mora stared at the demon in front of her tightly, bit her lower lip, and nodded very lightly.

“Oh, it seems that there was such a thing—it’s been fourteen years,” Telaranea scratched his cheek. “The reason? Simple. That demon was me. Why should I destroy the spell when I was the original caster?”

Sure enough.

The muscles in Mora’s face twitched. Her pretty face was slightly distorted. She stared at the “middle-aged man” in front of her in disbelief. Her breathing suddenly became extremely short.

“It’s really interesting. That experiment didn’t completely fail. I just randomly selected a hundred people as samples, and some really persisted to the present. I assumed ‘Sancho’s Gray Fox’ was a talent nurtured by an organization group, but I wasn’t expecting…” The demon showed an eager smile. “It turns out to be just the miller’s daughter and the blacksmith’s son, if I remember correctly. Mora Rodri and Randy Panther. Oh, humans grow up so fast.”

“Why?” This time, Mora’s voice suddenly became cold. Her originally soft gaze was instantly mixed into sharp thorns. There was no longer any slight politeness in her tone. “The two of us were just over fifteen at the time.”

That was the problem they had been unable to figure out. An unexplainable malice.

“Yes, the oath of young humans. Immature emotions,” Telaranea spread out his hands and said in a lazy voice. “That was the experiment. On one hand, it’s a decisive separation, producing a little regretful memory. On the other hand, it’s an abyss. The other 98 people have made the most reasonable choice, but you two… No wonder the success rate of the Gray Fox is so high. Most people can’t think of two assassins to watch out for at the same time. You took advantage of that curse in turn, didn’t you? Well done! What a rare sample!”

“Let me guess. The reason why you didn’t become a Black Chapter and directly step into the most chaotic business… is to find my compatriots faster?”

Mora didn’t answer. She slowly took a step back.

“If you want to use the dragon breath stone in your pocket…” Telaranea scratched his scalp, “You don’t have to. Killing me won’t solve your problem. I will pay a physical price at most, but what you will face will be a Withered Castle under complete martial law. That little boy is here too. Don’t you have to think about him?”

“You’ll tell on us.” Mora lowered the center of gravity of her body. Her hand had already touched the stone blade carved with runes.

“Oh, I can guarantee that I won’t.” The demon seemed to be in a good mood. He touched the walls with one hand. “Like I said, your precious samples, and it’s too boring to end like this.”

Mora hesitated for half a second, and within that half a second, a spell shield falling from the corridor completely separated the two of them.

“Why us?” Mora said in a hiss, smashing against the transparent shield. “Although we were young at that time, we absolutely didn’t offend you.”

“Look at what you’re saying. It’s like I hated you—” The demon turned around carelessly, exposing his back and began to move towards the room where he was originally. “Weren’t you doing the exact same thing at that time?”

Mora widened her eyes.

Of course, she remembered what they were doing at that time. She wanted a butterfly, so she caught one with Randy. She had forgotten what the butterfly looked like. She only remembered that it had very beautiful wings.

Like all teenagers who liked to collect treasures, they carefully put it in a glass bottle and admired it with fascination as it flew in the bottle. They even liked it a bit.

But when it died, it wasn’t a big event that was worth mentioning.

“Like you, I’m just observing and appreciating.” The demon waved his hand and walked away slowly. “Goodbye, lovely little girl.”

Mora was still standing where she was and didn’t make a sound. She just stood there, slowly regaining her disguise.

‘She have to find the next one,’ she thought numbly. They had to find the next superior demon.

She tasted despair for the first time. Unlike that butterfly, at least they and the demon could communicate. She thought they would have an opportunity, a chance for their pain to be understood. Even though the other party superficially understood, it was enough for them to be cursed.

But did they really have a chance? It had been fourteen years now, and the first six were considered lucky. They had found two superior demons on the most chaotic battlefield, and barely escaped with their lives under the ridicule of the other party. This time, it was eight years. What about next time?

The life span of regular humans wasn’t long, while the average life spans of assassins were even shorter. She didn’t have any uncontrollable desires. She just wanted to hold his hand, even once.

Yes, there was no hope, but it wasn’t completely desperate. The demon had lit a candle in front of the moths and waited with interest for them. She even hoped that the other party was malicious, not this kind of… desperate “interest”.

Mora quickened her pace.

She thought they had to get out of here quickly. It wasn’t time to give up. After all, in any case, even if it was destined to be fruitless, they could only continue… Until one of them really loved someone else. What a peaceful relief that would be, but unfortunately, neither had been successful so far.

“Tela! Where did you just go?” the manager with glasses asked with discontent.

The research room was a mess, and people were clamoring. The light screen showing Oliver Ramon’s body data was enlarged, and all the red-robed researchers were squeezing hard in front of the light screen, looking like fresh blood foaming out from a wound from a distance.

“Toilet,” Telaranea said, slumping back into the stack of books. “Why? Are there any new discoveries?”

“That kid’s magic power is close to the upper limit of a surface creature. My God,” The old man in the red robe muttered in disbelief. “Although it’s not a situation that hasn’t happened before… But how old is he? And still a purebred human!”

“Study him slowly.” The demon was silent and didn’t intend to share his thoughts.

“I’ve got him. I’m still going through the procedures.” The manager of the test zone was flushed and rubbed his hand happily. “That test plan can continue again! Thank Zenni. I have taken over for so many years and no suitable materials have appeared.”

“…It’s obviously a blasphemous plan. Is it okay for you to thank him like this?” the old man in the red seized every opportunity to retort. “Tela, what say—”

“I don’t know anything.” The demon buried himself in a pile of books. “You can continue.”

When the two researchers turned their disappointed gaze away, the demon came out of the pile of books again.

“No, no. You just mentioned it not long ago! There wasn’t much space in the blood furnace, right?” The sloppy middle-aged man casually picked up the report from the pile of books. “If I were you, I would add a few more tests to make sure this person’s will is absolutely qualified.”

“Look at his miserable appearance. He hasn’t killed anyone even now. He’s qualified.”

“He’s not the first to insist like this. Let me see… Haven’t there been 1,326 people who have done this before? You threw them all into the furnace, and it turned out there wasn’t the slightest bit of progress.” The demon lazily waved the report in his hand.

The old man tugged at his beard and fell into contemplation.

Then he spoke, full of enthusiasm and eagerness in his tone, without the slightest bit of malice. “Tela is right,” he said excitedly. “After all, it’s valuable material… Then let’s add an extra one.”

“One-on-one. A battle of life and death. Who’s the strongest now besides Ramon? ……Very good, very good. If there’s an intersection, it would be great.”

Telaranea tugged at the corner of his mouth.

“It’ll take three days to go through the procedures in the combat zone, right? Then just three days later, let him and Randy Panther go alone.”

The Garland border at this moment.

Although it was already late at night, the border city of Noer was much livelier than before. Since the Border Forest had undergone changes, in addition to the army and visitors from various religions, adventurers had also come from thousands of miles to watch the excitement. The business around here was exceptionally good. Although the strange giant cocoon had appeared for a long time, there hadn’t been any bad effects—yet.

At first, some cowards hurriedly evacuated their belongings on their backs, but everything was still terribly peaceful. Except for a few stubborn people, most of them slipped back in frustration, determined to seize this precious opportunity to make money.

Those who were more courageous even dared to pull a cart close to the warning area of various religious groups.

The Border Forest was located on the border of Alban and Garland, making things a bit awkward. Fortunately, both countries support the same religion and had less friction with each other, so they didn’t care too much at this moment. The Preceptor Bishop of Alban took his Knights of Judgement to be stationed in Roadside Town, and in the past few days, countless arrays had been arranged around it.

The Knights of Judgement went around to persuade the people to evacuate, but unfortunately, because there was no strong factual support and the religious atmosphere in Roadside Town wasn’t strong, and because of the fact that the local townspeople had long been accustomed to running back and forth in warning of demon invasions, the number of evacuees was far less than the number of people watching the excitement.

Was it really a demon cocoon just because the Laddism Church said so? No one had ever seen a demon cocoon, but good business was right under their nose. In front of gold coins, no one was willing to stop for an ethereal guess.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the Black Chapter team, Tumbleweed, entered Roadside Town smoothly. Unfortunately, although the past few days had been smooth, the team wasn’t lively. Compared to their previous harmonious atmosphere, the conversation between teammates had fallen.

‘This wasn’t surprising,’ Nemo thought bitterly. He was consciously reducing the amount of time he spoke and staying away from his companions. His attitude made the others even more cautious.

With the information provided by Nemo, the female warrior and the knight commander went together to search for the Abyssal believer who had summoned the Deadwood Jellyfish. Jesse dragged the gray parrot to some unknown corner to buy something to eat.

And Nemo acted alone again.

He didn’t want to make time before their farewell so heavy, but Nemo knew it. It was useless to deepen feelings at this time. The two veteran fighters would soon be able to catch the culprit who summoned the Deadwood Jellyfish and send the criminal to where he really should be.

There were two tasks for him—to solve the problem of the demon cocoon and rescue Oliver.

Then he would leave them forever.

Nemo thought of countless possibilities, but each approach went the same way. To complete these two tasks, it was impossible for him not to be exposed. Even if he wasn’t the Demon King, he would be noticed by the outside world as a truly powerful superior demon.

At least in the end, he didn’t want to hurt his companions.

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