Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch124

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 124: The Drunkard’s Intention is not the Wine*

*(醉翁之意不在酒) = idiom referring to having ulterior motives.

Xiao Tang watched Shen Jintai leave and immediately called Li Meilan who was accompanying her child to get a vaccination. When she heard the details, she immediately stood up from her seat shouting: “What?!”

She handed her child to her husband, and walked quickly to the entrance of the hospital: “Hasn’t he been very cold to President Yan recently?”

She’s been as happy as the gold powder recently.

Xiao Tang: “I don’t know what happened, but Brother Jin took the initiative to invite him.”

Li Meilan: “Today, President Yan came to visit the crew. Did you tell the fans?”

Xiao Tang: “According to the old rules, I told a few old fans.” Xiao Tang said.

Recently, every time Yan Qiuchi came to visit the crew, Li Meilan asked Xiao Tang to live broadcast to a few old fans so they could post the event on various gold powder groups. This was so that they could plan ahead.

Although Shen Jintai was currently hard-mouthed and said that he will not fall in love with Yan Qiuchi, if a man like Yan Qiuchi was pursing so sincerely, she was afraid Shen Jintai would eventually fall so she couldn’t help but prepare for the worst possible outcome.

Facts have proven that these several real-time broadcasts were quite effective. A number of small gold fan have began to defect saying things like: “It’s good if my brother is happy.”

But it’s still not enough.

“I hope he has a clear mind and won’t be coaxed by President Yan’s sweet words.” Li Meilan said.

Xiao Tang asked suspiciously: “President Yan… does he even know how to talk sweetly?”

Li Meilan: “Hehe, there isn’t a man alive who can’t talk sweetly. Have you ever seen a male peacock who can’t unfold its feather?”

Shen Jintai was sitting in the back of the car, looking at Yan Qiuchi in front of him. He couldn’t believe he got into Yan Qiuchi’s car. In fact, he was surprised at himself for being so impulsive. Perhaps it was due to the scenes that he had filmed today that were pretty sadistic that his mood had been low for no apparent reason, yet once he entered Yan Qiuchi’s car, the mood quickly dissipated without a trace and instead his fighting spirit appeared in his heart.

He had to face his current predicament. He only had half a year left before he runs out of time. He must choose between Yan Qiuchi or Bai Qingquan. Before today, he had been hesitant with this decision, but now Xiao Ai had given him insight to the answer he was looking for.

When Xiao Ai had told him that Bai Qingquan fell in love with him, what he felt wasn’t the joy of finally realizing his dream, but panic and anxiety. Confirming that it was only temporary due to acting, he actually breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that it was impossible for him to attack Bai Qingquan again, as he now realized his feelings for Yan Qiuchi. To find someone that you like who likes you back was the best choice for him. With this determination in mind, he needed to consider an important question.

Whether there’ll be harmony or discord, whether he could afford to eat or not, this he didn’t think about. He can’t change the things that objectively exist, so he’ll start from where he had control. He wanted to hold Yan Qiuchi. This was important to him!

Comparing himself to Yan Qiuchi, he was 1.8 meters while Yan Qiuchi was 1.9. Yan Qiuchi’s was 18-19 cm while his was about 13… 14 on a good day. Needless to say, he had already seen Yan Qiuchi naked. His figure may look thin in appearance, but underneath those clothes was a thigh that was thicker than his waist, the kind that would remain strong even after 60, and he’s been officially certified by Xiao Ai.

In conclusion, even he had to admit with shame that when two 1’s meet there must be a 0, and he most likely has to be that 0.

And in this way comes another problem. He couldn’t bear it. If he falls into Yan Qiuchi’s hands, with that kind of energy a 25-year-old has, coupled with his talents, and added on his skin hunger and thirst… Holy fucking shit… his scalp was about to go numb just thinking about it.

Thus, he must firmly grasp the initiative and fascinate Yan Qiuchi to the point where he could possibly send him into a state of confusion. If it was his destiny, he still must do it with dignity once he has accepted it*!

*Clarity: he’s saying he’s going to try and make Yan Qiuchi a shou even if his destiny says otherwise in the form of trying to fascinate him to the point of where Yan Qiuchi might consider bottoming for him.

Shen Jintai closed his eyes and took a deep breath. For a moment, he was glad he had received so many beautiful and sexy rewards. With his current face and figure, he would have no problem holding an old virgin, right?

“Ding Dong! Dear!”

Shen Jintai: “…haven’t you been appearing too frequently recently?”

“Dear, Xiao Ai is excited!”

Shen Jintai: “You go away. It’s all your fault that I fell to this point!”

Xiao Ai: “Dear, apart from giving you rewards, have we forced you to do anything? Even if we gave you the task to attack, the fact is, you haven’t done anything that could even count as attacking, have you? Although you had intentions to attack Bai Yueguang, you haven’t really seduced him at all. You merely acted with him and it’s your acting that charmed and impressed him winning you his favor. Even more so, on the side of the male protagonist, you didn’t even have a clue that he liked you and now you’re avoiding his pursuit. He fell for you because you are excellent but that had nothing to do with us! We are innocent, and so are you in this matter. Everything was due to fate!”

Shen Jintai: “Xiao Ai, you sure can talk with that small mouth of yours.”

“Xiao Ai is just stating the facts! So dear, don’t have any burden and attack Yan Qiuchi for your happiness!”

Shen Jintai: “You have to make it clear. Is it happiness, or sex?” He felt like the latter word just came to out of his mouth without any thought.

Xiao Ai: “Aiya! How I hate that I’m a member of this Love Harmony System!”

Shen Jintai: “Huh?!”

So you now you remember that you’re sent by the Love Harmony System?! Are you sure you’re not from Haitang City*?!

*Haitang City (海棠市) = another site similar to jjwxc but apparently they have more smut.

Yan Qiuchi was surprised. He was prepared to be ignored since he had “forcibly” kissed Shen Jintai twice, Shen Jintai had been a lot colder to him. But in this moment, Shen Jintai was sitting in his car wanting to go for a drink with him. Naturally he couldn’t let this opportunity pass and immediately thought of a good place.

He took Shen Jintai to a small tavern that was inconspicuous and located in a deep alley. It was an old restaurant that had been operating for nearly a hundred years. The best part is that it ran on a membership system, so it had excellent privacy.

Shen Jintai got out of the car wearing mask and look down the alley. It looked old and dingy. There was an old willow tree at the entrance with a red lantern hanging on it that says: [Happy Tavern].

He glanced at Yan Qiuchi. Neither the name nor the appearance of this tavern looked impressive. The only highlight was that it like antique from the outside. Through the close door, one could hear the sound of a pipa coming from inside. A female voice was faintly heard singing.

Yan Qiuchi said: “It looks inconspicuous outside, but its marvelous inside. Let’s go.”

A doorman came out to greet them and the waitress in a cheongsam with high heels on led them in: “President Yan, please follow me.”

“A regular?” Shen Jintai said.

Yan Qiuchi: “Honestly, this is my second time here. During the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, I came with Xiao Yang once. I thought this place was not bad and the drinks were pretty good.”

Shen Jintai followed and walked in, only to find that there was an entirely different world inside. It was like those garden scenic spots he had visited before. There were pavilions, and seats made of stone. To one side was a bamboo forest and there was duckweed and lotus flowers floating in the lake. However, compared to those ordinary gardens, this place was filled with the scent of wine.

“What a nice place.” Shen Jintai said sincerely.

“There are very few people here, so you can take off your mask.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai took off his mask when he heard this. The beautiful waitress glanced back and showed a surprise look on her face, probably due to recognizing him, but didn’t say anything. She led them into a private room and said: “Mr. Shen, this way, please.”

Shen Jintai smiled and said: “Thank you. ”

The face of the beautiful waitress instantly turned red.

After entering, he found that the private room was next to a pond of clear water. There was a pavilion on the other side with a woman in a cheongsam who was playing a pipa while singing a song. It was like he had ascended into the immortal realm.

Yan Qiuchi: “What do you want to drink?”

“I don’t know much about wine, so you choose.” Shen Jintai said.

Yan Qiuchi said: “Then an order of pot of daughter’s wine, and two bottles of flower wine, one peach blossom and the other osmanthus.”

When the waitress left, Yan Qiuchi said: “Their daughter’s wine is the most authentic. It’s a recipe that has been passed down for nearly a hundred years. People like me who don’t like drinking find it very mellow and not spicy. Osmanthus and peach blossoms are sweet wine so you may like those as well.”

The waitress quickly came back and brought the wine. The peach blossom wine was in a pink ceramic bottle that had peach blossoms patterns at the top, while the osmanthus was in a white ceramic bottle with osmanthus patterns painted at the top. All the waitstaff were dress in cheongsam and wore their hair in a bun. The daughter’s wine was drunk directly while the flower wines were blended on the spot. Coke and ice were added, then topped with fresh lemon slices. Finally, the peach blossom and osmanthus wine were poured in, turning one drink pink and the other golden. Shen Jintai felt it was very pleasing to the eye watching this scene.

“Have you bought this wine for Auntie Fang?” he asked.

Yan Qiuchi: “No.”

“Then I’ll buy her a few bottles and you can take them back for me.” Shen Jintai said.

Yan Qiuchi smiled and said: “Okay.”

Besides this small talk, nothing else was said. They sipped on wine quietly as Shen Jintai rested on the railing, watching the girl from across the pond while listening to her music. As he watched her, Yan Qiuchi watched him.

He wasn’t sure what Shen Jintai’s intentions were, and he didn’t dare to do or say anything needlessly. The environment was pleasant, the wine was intoxicating, and the melody was soothing. The autumn breeze blew ripples in the pond, as red koi fish surface, making Shen Jintai’s side profile even more beautiful that left him speechless.

Being behind a camera often, Shen Jintai was accustomed to being watch. He kept his gazed on the girl and knew that Yan Qiuchi was watching him. He stared blankly, unsure of what was going on in his mind.

It wasn’t long ago that he was avoiding Yan Qiuchi’s pursuit, but now he was sitting in front of him with a goal in mind as he let Yan Qiuchi’s eyes invade him. Bai Qingquan was right, in life, anything could be possible when you’re still alive.

Likewise, Yan Qiuchi was the same. He wasn’t thinking about anything either, as his attention was drawn to Shen Jintai’s ears. His fair skin only accentuated his white ears that were gradually flushing, signaling to Yan Qiuchi that Shen Jintai knew he was watching him. Knowing he was being watch yet pretending not to know so he could continue watching.

Yan Qiuchi put one hand on the railing and tapped his fingers repeatedly. The wine had entered his body and cause his internal organs to grow hot. His heart was already held in the palm of Shen Jintai’s hand. He was anxious when Shen Jintai had been cold to him a few days ago, but now that he was having a relaxing drink with him, his heart was filled with ambiguity again.

This ambiguity was too enticing and provocative. It was like a breath being held in one’s chest, becoming so uncomfortable that they want to let it out, but is too afraid the exhale would be too big, so they slowly breathe out, letting only half the air out. This only made the feeling more suffocating and left them severely dissatisfied.

The author has something to say:

You are not the one who suffers in the end!

Kinky Thoughts: Alright we got some progress finally! I’m here just waiting for my smut, I mean the plot.

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