Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch111

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 111: Go After It!

Xiao Qi felt that she was going to be autistic. With a hand behind her to guide public opinion, no one paid attention to Shen Jintai’s black history but rather they were all feeling his charm.

The person who was least likely to like him has now fallen in love with him. There’s nothing more satisfying in the world, more soothing, more refreshing, and more worthy of gossip than a self-face slap!

Compared with Shen Jintai’s old black history, this fragrance was more attractive, and even the most mocking voices were drowned out by gold powders.

Xiao Qi shed tears while writing her apology statement. She didn’t want to apologize! Wuwuwu! She felt so uncomfortable being pressed on the head and eat shit, thinking that she spent the past few years blackening Shen Jintai and that her last professional glory was to whiten him!

The [Apology Statement] she wrote listed out everything from the first disinformation campaign a few years ago to all the major rumor-mongering incidents in the past few years, and finally ended with: [I know that my series of vile words and deeds have caused serious damage to Mr. Shen’s reputation. I solemnly apologize for this and accept any punishment imposed by the court. This account will be permanently locked. From now on, I will deeply reflect on myself and behave well. I apologize again to Mr. Shen Jintai and all those who have been hurt!]

“That Xiao Qi issued an apology statement. Did you see it?”

“It’s disgusting, how could an apology make up for everything. A bunch of Shen Jintai’s black material came from her! She’s called Qi Jingran*, a name that’s so unfitting for her!”

*静然) Means peaceful and elegant.

“Was the court proceeding this fast? Hasn’t the lawsuit just filed?”

“I mean, it’s a slam dunk case. Can she really run from it? Apologizing at this point means she wants a lighter sentence. Hahaha. Don’t be kind to her.”

“I’m not in the circle, and even I think she’s shit. In fact, all these blackening jobs in the entertainment industry should be rectified so the circle will be less chaotic.”

“Touhua had too much news recently, and the waves are rising again, but he’s taken advantage of the situation to soar. Even Xiao Qi apologized. This only brings me joy.”

Gold powders gathered and sang praises.

Yan Qiuchi and Xiao Qi, the two biggest problems, had been solved. What good luck has their brother had recently!

“I really didn’t expect it,” Li Meilan calmly looked at Shen Jintai. “He didn’t need to do anything.”

Indeed, Yan Qiuchi didn’t have to speak out, and he could even deny it.

“President Yan is always really kind,” Li Meilan said with heartfelt emotion.

Shen Jintai’s heart moved as he read the statement issued by Sunshine Media several times. He hadn’t expected Yan Qiuchi to suddenly do this. Seeing this, he really felt his sincerity.

Shen Jintai walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, took out his phone, and called Yan Qiuchi. Hearing the line connect, Shen Jintai felt his heart beating fast.

“Jintai,” Yan Qiuchi called his name directly.

Shen Jintai said, “Nn. Thank you. I caused you trouble.”

Yan Qiuchi said, “It’s all the truth. I have my own selfishness, so you don’t have to thank me.”

Shen Jintai knew what the selfishness meant. He felt embarrassed at the ambiguity between them. He gave a soft laugh without saying anything, put his hand in his pocket, and slightly lowered his head. He couldn’t stop it. Yan Qiuchi’s action had attracted too much goodwill. He could feel the fluctuation in his heart when he talked with Yan Qiuchi.

Reaching his current high position now, he knew how difficult it was to let go of one’s image*.

*Clarity: He’s saying he knows how hard it is to “eat your own words” especially when you have to admit it to the entire world. In a position like Yan Qiuchi’s, a top-class CEO, to do such a thing would be at the very least extremely humbling, as he basically destroyed his own public image by issuing such a statement.

Mrs. Yan was pacing back and forth at home. She had already heard the news from her best friend. When she saw the hot search, she went crazy.

My god! Her stuffy son was a complete bore when he didn’t make a move. Yet as soon as he took action, he’d scare people half to death.

He actually confessed to Shen Jintai?! When? Why didn’t she know? Why didn’t he tell her?!

They were both so good at hiding things that she didn’t see it at all!

“Madam, sir has returned,” someone shouted outside.

Mrs. Yan hurriedly walked out. The driver had already opened the door for Yan Tiefeng. Yan Tiefeng asked her when he got out of the car, “Did you see the news about him and Xiao Jin?”

“Did you see it?” Mrs. Yan said excitedly.

“You didn’t tell me at all,” Yan Tiefeng said.

I didn’t even know about it! It’s not like you don’t know your own son. When has he ever troubled us with his thoughts since he was a child?”

“Is he back yet? Have Xiao Wang call him and send him back home.”

“I already asked him to come back… Wait he’s coming.” Mrs. Yan looked into the distance.

Yan Tiefeng turned his head and saw a black car driving over from the forest path. Yan Qiuchi got out of the car, his expression as usual. “Dad, mom.”

“Come in. We need to talk,” Mrs. Yan said.

Yan Qiuchi sat upright opposite of Yan Tiefang. Mrs. Yan was leaning against his side as he held her arms.

“You know why I called you back, right?” Mrs. Yan asked.

Yan Qiuchi nodded. “I know.”

Mrs. Yan: “When did you confess to Xiao Jin?”

“A while ago,” Yan Qiuchi said.

Mrs. Yan: “He rejected you on the spot?”

Yan Qiuchi let out a “Nn”, his face slightly blushed.

Compared with Mrs. Yan’s somewhat gossipy questions, Yan Tiefeng’s were relatively simple and straightforward. He interrupted Mrs. Yan’s questioning and asked directly, “Have you thought about it?”

Yan Qiuchi looked up at him. “Nn, I’ve thought about it.”

Yan Tiefang: “You also know the relationship between your mother and Xiao Jin in addition to the status of our family. You are my son, and now you want to chase someone who you looked down on before. I have only one request.”

Yan Qiuchi: “Say it.”

Mrs. Yan was nervous, thinking Yan Tiefang was going to object.

Yan Tiefeng: “Then you can only succeed. Failure is not an option since you have decided to eat grass. If you can’t catch him, you shouldn’t be my son.”

“I’ll try my best.” Yan Qiuchi’s face turned redder.

“I hate when others say that they’ll try their best. I don’t want a best effort. I just look at results. When a task is given, it gets done. If you don’t have the skills, then you need to think about how capable you really are,” Yan Tiefang said.

“Are you trying to encourage our son? Why is it so awkward coming from you? It’s like you arranging work to your subordinates,” Mrs. Yan chided.

Yan Tiefeng smiled. “Young people can’t make progress without a little pressure.”

Mrs. Yan: “Mom supports you too! You can rest assured. You have our full support at home.”

“Thank you, mom and dad.” Yan Qiuchi stood up blushing.

“It’s rare to see you so shy.” Mrs. Yan giggled.

Yan Qiuchi wasn’t used to this. He had never discussed feelings with his mother, let alone his father. For the first time in his life, he had talked about his feelings, and it was with his father, no less.

“Good,” Yan Tiefang said. “You know your bottom line. Your mother also likes him a lot. I think Xiao Jin has changed a lot, and he’s very good now. I’m not a star chaser, yet I often hear about him.”

Shen Jintai had become too popular. His image was renown, and he had received tons of endorsements. His pictures were everywhere, and he could always be seen on screens of buildings, in the downtown commercial areas, and in airports.

People weren’t exempt from desires. For those who were particularly rich, famous, and outstanding, there would always be an extra layer of scrutiny. With Shen Jintai being so popular now and having great momentum, it wouldn’t be a loss for his son to pursue such a person.

However, falling in love with a big star was also very risky. The Yan family was famous. If Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai joined together in union, it would naturally benefit both parties, but if it wasn’t handled well, it would have a serious negative impact on the Yan’s reputation.

Fortunately, Yan Qiuchi had his own company and hadn’t taken over the Yan family’s main business, and Shen Jintai’s handling of affairs didn’t seem to be as high-profile as before.

Yan Tiefang originally didn’t like Shen Jintai. He felt he was too noisy and was entangled in too much negative news. However, his wife loved him, so there was nothing he could do but turn a blind eye. He also felt it was impossible between Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai. Who would have thought that one day Yan Qiuchi would be the one to fall in love with him?

Yan Tiefeng was originally busy but immediately came back when he heard the news. In fact, this issue could have easily been resolved by talking on the phone, but he still did it regardless. After the questioning was over, he rushed back to attend a board meeting.

“You didn’t need to come back in person for this,” Mrs. Yan said as she was sending off Yan Tiefang. “There’s barely been any progress yet. If you make it too serious, you’re applying a lot of undue pressure to Qiuchi.”

“This is the first time that child has fallen in love and at such a late age. I’m usually not concerned with him, but at this critical moment, I have to be there,” Yan Tiefang said. “It’s not easy to finally be enlightened, so I’m a bit worried about him.”

Mrs. Yan smiled when she heard this. Indeed, it wasn’t easy when one became enlightened.

The weather was great today. The autumn wind was dry, and the air was refreshing. The sky was blue, and the clouds were particularly white. Just looking at this weather gave her a refreshing feeling, improving Mrs. Yan’s mood. She watched her husband and son leave again and prepared to go shopping with joy.

She was extremely happy. She felt like Shen Jintai would become her daughter-in-law in the next second, and then it would be no different from him being her own son.

The crew of <When You’re Older> was about to start filming for the day. They had already arrived and were busy making final preparations. Everyone was orderly, with no unusual changes, but there was a subtle feeling in the atmosphere. 

Yan Qiuchi’s pursuit of Shen Jintai was exposed, and everyone on the crew knew this. It was just that no one dared ask, with one exception, and that was Bai Qingquan.

He was dying of anxiety since he saw the hot search and was anxious to see Shen Jintai. My god! His belly was full of gossip! President Yan actually took the initiative to pursue Shen Jintai! Ahhhhhh~ He was more excited than the two parties involved.

“Shen Jintai!” As soon as he saw Shen Jintai, he immediately beckoned. “Get in the RV. I have something to ask you!”

It wasn’t possible to use the dressing room because there were other staff members, so it wasn’t convenient to speak there.

As soon as Shen Jintai got into his RV and the door closed, Bai Qingquan immediately grabbed his arm. “Jintai! You are too sly with your sister!”

Shen Jintai: “…”

This really meant that it was truly dead between him and Bai Qingquan, right? Bai Qingquan still regarded him as a sister. What the fuck!

“President Yan is really chasing you? Did he confess? When? I tell you everything, yet you’re hiding such a big secret from me. Why did you reject him? Do you really not love him anymore?” Bai Qingquan’s mouth was like a machine gun as he continuously asked questions nonstop.

Shen Jintai felt he could drop a pickup line to Bai Qingquan and say, for example, that the reason why he rejected Yan Qiuchi was because of him. For some unknown reason, he couldn’t say it, though. He thought of Yan Qiuchi, and his heart became a bit delicate.

Bai Qingquan looked very excited, whispering “kyaa, kyaa, kyaa” for a while. Eventually he said, “How fucking exciting. There’s still hope! Anything is really possible!”

The other party was Yan Qiuchi, yet Shen Jintai actually had the heart to refuse. A full man didn’t know a hungry man was hungry*.

*(饱汉不知饿汉饥) People who are in a good situation don’t understand the difficulties of others.

Bai Qingquan suddenly leaned on the RV window and looked out. The staff members who were originally busy on the set seemed to have suddenly stopped working, attracted by someone, as they all secretly turned their heads to look.

“Who is it?” Shen Jintai asked.

“I don’t know.” Bai Qingquan opened the door and got out of the car. When he saw the visitor, it shook his spirit. He turned his head and raised one eyebrow at Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai also saw clearly that it was Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Qiuchi came with Zhang Yuan from Sunshine Media’s brokerage department. Rumors floated instantly, saying it was a set visit to Bai Qingquan, his own artist.

The author has something to say:

Come to visit your own artist on set? And I believe ghost exists.

Smart men have meat to eat.

Kinky Thoughts:

All aboard the Yan Qiuchi ship!!! Full speed ahead!

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  1. 吃回头草 = changing your mind and going back to do something/chase someone you rejected/left before

    Literally “eating return head grass”, so imagine a cow that’s turned around and is eating the grass behind him rather than in front.


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