Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch81

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 81: Charming Him

He was no longer himself. Yan Qiuchi had already noticed it. During this period of time, he had woken up later than usual. He would then just lie there in bed for hours. It was useless to watch morning news. His physiology had to recover along with his psychology. The strength had been accumulating for 25 years was about to burst out.

He had always been a rational person since childhood. He knew that witnessing Shen Jintai getting a massage was not good for his mental state to stay by his side, but the chaos in his mind forced him to stay through the entirety of the session.

Master Liu packed up his things and was about to leave. Shen Jintai stood up from the mat and said: “I’ll go rinse off.”

Only then did Yan Qiuchi regain his common sense. He followed Master Liu out of the room and glanced at Shen Jintai before closing the door. He couldn’t help but think how beautiful Shen Jintai was as his figure melted into the light coming from the balcony. It was long and had amazing proportions. Just from a distance his figure was fair and tender.   

The desire faded, and love once again took the lead. He shut the door, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and stood silently in the corridor.

“Did he leave?” Li Meilan asked.

Xiao Tang closed the door and whispered: “He left.”

Li Meilan: “With Master Liu?”

Xiao Tang nodded again: “Sister Lan, President Yan came all the way to visit the set. Isn’t it normal for him to go to Brother Jin’s room? After all it’s normal for people visit Brother Jin.”

“Yan Qiuchi ran all the way here to see him. Do you think it’s normal?” Li Meilan asked.

“He must have come to accompany Mrs. Yan. What can the two of them have… Ah, Sister Lan, are you worried about the rekindling of Brother Jin’s old feelings?”

Li Meilan: “…”

“Sister Lan, don’t worry. I think Brother Jin really doesn’t like President Yan anymore. His phone is usually left to me for safekeeping. Except for occasional contact with Bai Qingquan and the others, there’s really no contact with President Yan.”

“He contacted Bai Qingquan? Is he always in touch with him?” Li Meilan asked.

“It can be regarded as a lot of contact.” Xiao Tang also found it a bit incredible: “After filming The East Palace, these two rivals really became good friends. A few days ago, he was talking on the phone with Bai Qingquan and they talked for almost an hour.”

Li Meilan felt that these words did not comfort her. Whether it was Bai Qingquan or Yan Qiuchi, both bothered her extremely!

She was most relieved when Shen Jintai was single-mindedly focusing on his career. She was really worried he’ll be braindead as soon as he falls in love again!

Since dinner was planned, Shen Jintai has invited important cast members and booked a reservation at the best restaurant in the town.

<Pilot> didn’t have a main heroine so the director, producer, associate director, ect. were all male. Mrs. Yan didn’t plan on going: “You go,” she said to Yan Qiuchi: “Seize it. This is a good opportunity for you to perform.”

Yan Qiuchi remained silent.

Mrs. Yan hated her son sullen appearance: “We are here to see Xiao Jin. At dinner, let the directors and producers take care of him a little more. They will treat Xiao Jin better to give you face. First, increase his favorability for you. Second, let him know that you are different from before. Not only do you no longer hate him, but you are considerate and thoughtful towards him. People’s hearts are made of flesh. You treat him well and he’ll feel it. I have thought about it. Although he doesn’t like you now, he doesn’t have anyone he likes either. If you still like him, you can win him back. Do you still like him?”

Yan Qiuchi let out a “Nn”. His face still looked dead but had a lukewarmness to it: “I still like him.”

Mrs. Yan was overcome with joy when she heard this. She loves it when she can hear Yan Qiuchi say these kinds of thing. This kind of fragrant plot was irresistible no matter how much TV you watch.

“You have such an icy face like this. You have to smile more and be gentle when the times calls for it. Honestly, Xiao Jin is also at a good age for falling in love. If he doesn’t talk about it now, he will definitely talk about it in the future. See how good, hot, and handsome he is now? Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind a trail of enthralled people. You’re worried about him looking at others. Can you hide your feelings if he appears on the news every day*? Don’t you think that will be extremely uncomfortable?”

*Clarity: she’s referring to the fact that if Shen Jintai gets together with someone else, it’ll be constantly gossiped in the news which will make things difficult for Yan Qiuchi.

This sentence successfully stimulated Yan Qiuchi. He said lightly: “I see.”

Men who have never been in a relationship are really stupid. Fortunately, she was here to guide. Mrs. Yan couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

Hearing that Mrs. Yan was not going to dinner, Shen Jintai asked Li Meilan and the others to accompany Mrs. Yan to eat at the hotel: “Although the conditions here is a little bit worse, there are many delicacies. If you want to eat anything, let Sister Lan and the others buy it.”

“You hurry up and go to dinner. Don’t worry about me.” Mrs. Yan said with a smile. She was full of expectations for tonight.

Lu Ming, the director of <Pilot> was one of the best in China. In his early years, he focused on making literary and artistic films. After 50, he turned to commercial films making two so far. One was <Battle of Poyang Lake> was a sea warfare film, while the other was <Occupation of the Highlands> was a land war film.  The box office of both had exceeded 2 billion. <Pilot> was his third film. With domestic box office soaring today, it’s very likely to set a new box office record.

This movie was of great significance to Shen Jintai, who had just become a top-tier actor. He was also a runner up for best actor. If the box office explodes, this will pave a smooth path for Shen Jintai to enter the move industry. Thus, he’s been working hard and had developed a good relationship with the crew. Their relationship was very casual and friendly as if he wasn’t a celebrity at all.

Lu Ming was quite surprised tonight. He didn’t know about the scandal between Yan Qiuchi and Shen Jintai. He was never one to browse online so he rarely paid attention to online gossip. It wasn’t until he was told by a staff member did he understood the relationship between them.

He couldn’t help but think they were all fake rumors as he looked at Yan Qiuchi’s performance at the dinner table. Yan Qiuchi seems to be speaking on behalf on Shen Jintai that he felt he was looking at a couple.

In his opinion, Yan Qiuchi was a very educated young man. He spoke clearly and had a particular aura around him. It wasn’t the domineering kind but gentler with hints of alienation and pride. Besides him, the producer and assistant producer were all flattering Yan Qiuchi. Most likely it wasn’t directly for him, but more so for his would-famous father. Everyone knew who Yan Tiefang was.

Lu Ming was born in a film family and his status was placed there. He was regarded as the most respected person that night. He slowly raised glass and said to Yan Qiuchi: “If there is a chance in the future, I hope to cooperate with your company.”

Yan Qiuchi hurriedly got up, holding the cup in both hands. The mouth of the cup was half a height lower than Lu Ming’s showing his humility. This gave Lu Ming a very good impression of him. He even thought it was a shame, given Yan Qiuchi’s appearance and temperament, that he wasn’t a star.

Yan Qiuchi drank the wine from the cup and sat down. He stretched out his hand taking away Shen Jintai’s wine glass then quietly pushed a teacup towards him. What he did was natural and low-key that many people didn’t notice it, including Shen Jintai, who turned his head slightly to listen to others. He only found out when he was reaching for his glass to toast with others. He glanced down and found that it was missing and was in front of Yan Qiuchi.

He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he reached out to grab it, but Yan Qiuchi suddenly blocked him and said: “Don’t drink anymore. Your face is red.”

Shen Jintai originally had a physique that easily flush when he drinks. Since he got the flush reward, he was even more likely to flush. He knew that he could still hold his liquor, but he didn’t expect Yan Qiuchi to suddenly say something like this. He was quite surprised and smiled shyly.

“He’s usually like that,” a man named Mr. Zhang on the opposite side said with a smile: “You easily get flushed when you drink so we don’t really know how much alcohol you drank.”

“He didn’t drink much. If he did, it would delay filming.” Yan Qiuchi then turned to Shen Jintai and said: “Before I came, your Aunt Fang told me to look out for you.”

Yan Qiuchi had been in the entertainment industry for a long time. The people he knows were all big leagues. He also knows abut the underside of the industry as well. When Shen Jintai goes out to film, he was most worried about the dinner parties.

There are many unspoken rules in the entertainment industry. Most of them were usually a give-and-take relationship. New men and women were eager to climb up and often times underhanded means weren’t necessary. A little coercion and temptation were all that’s needed, regardless of sexual orientation, and one will easily oblige. The temptation of fame and fortune was too great, competition was too cruel, and a star’s light usually only last two to three years.

However, the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds*. There were always perverts who like to do whatever they wanted. Even if the possibility was low, it still made Yan Qiuchi worried. He now regretted deeply that he didn’t make more efforts to sign Shen Jintai to his company so that he could personally send someone to watch him.

*The forest is big and there are all kinds of birds (林子大了什么鸟都有) = means the world is big and anything and everything can happen. It’s usually use to refer to people who are not very good and derogatory who can do unspeakable things that could surprise you.

One person comes to mind. For example, the Mr. Zhang who was sitting on the opposite side. He had greasy eyes and from a single look, Yan Qiuchi could tell what his intentions were. However, he could also see that Mr. Zhang was not a big boss that could cover the sky with one hand*. Shen Jintai also wasn’t a newcomer who could be easily manipulated. He was already popular so at best, Mr. Zhang could only look but not touch. Still, it made Yan Qiuchi upset seeing this.

*Cover the sky with one hand (一手遮天) = idiom that describes relying on power, playing tricks, and deceiving the masses. From “Reading the Biography of Li Si”.

“My mother regards Jintai like a baby. In her eyes, he is still a child, and he has never been allowed to drink alcohol.” Yan Qiuchi smiled and said: “Mr. Zhang didn’t drink enough, so I will accompany you to drink.”

Mr. Zhang smiled slyly, his eyes excited and fearful. He hurriedly stood up with a cup in hands: “Yes, yes, of course!” He has never seen such an elegant and handsome man like President Yan! He could both attack or receive as he saw heat from the front for Shen Jintai and the itch from the back for Yan Qiuchi.

He was going to touch cups with Yan Qiuchi but seeing how young he looked compared to his age, his finger faltered. The cups seemed to have touch but in fact didn’t. Shen Jintai wanted to laugh seeing this. He felt as if Mr. Zhang was still too unsure. He actually dares think about Yan Paifang in such a way.

Lu Ming didn’t like Mr. Zhang very much, but it was due to his coordination and help that he was able to film in this local area. He couldn’t do much in person, so he decided to change the subject.

Mr. Zhang was in love tonight. He had played with small fresh meat before. The younger brothers and strong brothers weren’t bad, and some are still famous. But when he saw Shen Jintai, he realized the gap between these 18th-tier internet celebrities and a top celebrity was far too big. It shocked his core when he saw Shen Jintai the very first time.

A big star was a big star. Shen Jintai’s body and appearance was top class and was incredibly charming. His skin was so fair and his face so petite. The facial features were beautiful that complimented his smooth figure.

He had tentatively flirt with Shen Jintai, who remained uninterested, which made him even more itchy. As long as he could eat together, have a drink with him and make small talk he was satisfied. Knowing it was impossible, he was ready to give up… until he saw Yan Qiuchi.

My lord!

He had never seen such a handsome man in his life. His facial features were better than those of a star. He was good-looking and manly. Icy and abstemious, noble and handsome. He was like a walking hanger* covered in manly hormones. Under his white shirt was a muscular outline of a young man. Hot yet not exaggerated. And those two strong long legs were really…… It was like he had died and gone to heaven. He truly has seen too little of the world.

*Walking hanger (走的衣架) = refers to a person having a good temperament and figure that no matter what he wears it fits well on him.

Seeing that Yan Qiuchi was about to go to the bathroom, Mr. Zhang stood up immediately. He was about to leave the room when someone grabbed his shoulder from behind.

He looked back, smiled and said: “Xiao Shen.”

Shen Jintai looked at him with a smile: “Mr. Zhang.”

Mr. Zhang: “Hm?”

“It’s not someone mortals should be thinking about.” Shen Jintai patted him on the shoulder: “He is Yan Tiefeng’s son.”  

After speaking, Shen Jintai walked towards the bathroom, leaving Mr. Zhang standing in the hallway alone. The Yan family was not simply rich. He dared not provoke them.

Shen Jintai found it a little funny. This was the first time he saw a man thinking about Yan Qiuchi without fear for death. When he entered the bathroom, he saw Yan Qiuchi washing his hands by the sink. Catching Shen Jintai’s reflection, Yan Qiuchi looked back. 

Shen Jintai smiled and then went into a stall. After coming out, he saw Yan Qiuchi still standing by the door in the corridor.

“That Mr. Zhang. You should pay more attention to him in the future.” Yan Qiuchi said.

Shen Jintai laughed and said: “Ah, he has a thief’s heart but no courage*.”

*Thief’s heart but no courage (有贼心没贼胆) = refers to having the idea of doing bad things but no courage to act on it.

“Don’t laugh, you became popular when you debuted, so you don’t know the risks in this circle.” Yan Qiuchi said: “From now on, when you are outside, try not to drink. If you don’t drink no one will force you. Once you drink, you will offend people if you don’t drink with them.”

Shen Jintai stopped for a moment, and Yan Qiuchi continued: “If you want to drink, do it when you’re at home.”

“Got it.” Shen Jintai said with a smile.

The wine-stained color on his face was still obvious, and his ears and neck were all red. Looking at him like this, Yan Qiuchi couldn’t help but feel affectionate. He felt he needed to protect Shen Jintai who was so flushed. He was still too young and naïve. When he continues to climb up the industry, someone has to be there to protect his pure intentions of being an actor.

Yan Qiuchi wanted to be this role: a protector and admirer.

“It’s not like I’ve just entered the entertainment world. I know what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry.” Shen Jintai said: “You can also tell Auntie Fang that she can rest assured.”

As he was talking, he took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and handed it to Yan Qiuchi. Seeing that Yan Qiuchi wasn’t smoking, he took one out and lit it. When he closed the lighter, he flicked it lightly. His movements were suave and skillful.

Despite looking completely red, Shen Jintai’s movement was so chic and handsome. The flushing had become a charm, unique only to Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai took a puff, smiled and raised his chin and pointed to the watch on Yan Qiuchi’s wrist: “It really suits you.” Yan Qiuchi had wore the watch he gave him, which he only discovered during dinner just now.

Yan Qiuchi quickly put his hand in his trouser pocket. His heart was beating fast.

“Smoke less.” He said to Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai suddenly laughed, glanced at him, then walked forward with cigarette in hand. Yan Qiuchi didn’t know why he was laughing but his heart continued to pound heavily. He felt that he was going to completely be bewitched Shen Jintai.

The author has something to say:

I’m bewitched by you.

Kinky Thoughts: Aww, its cute they both protected each other. And… now I have to shower after translating such a greasy passage.

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