Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch63

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 63: Qingquan Jintai

Today was Bai Qingquan’s death scene. The director, assistant director, and makeup artists all came over to take his exit shot. He was surrounded by flowers and looked at Shen Jintai through the crowd. He wanted to take a picture with Shen Jintai and post it on Weibo. He may have entered the play too deeply, and now he had developed a deep affection for Shen Jintai.

Mrs. Yan was sobbing with Shen Jintai in her arms. Her cries managed to finally pull Shen Jintai away from his uncomfortable emotions.

Shen Jintai smiled and patted Mrs. Yan on the back and said, “Auntie, it’s all just acting. Li Xu is miserable, but I’m not.”

Mrs. Yan sobbed and said, “I just can’t watch you cry.”

Yan Qiuchi handed a tissue over. Shen Jintai took it in his hand and wiped the tears from Mrs. Yan’s eyes.

Mrs. Yan resumed her normal demeanor and became a little embarrassed. She took the tissue and wiped her face and said, in a heavy nasally voice, “You acted so well. When this episode is broadcast, I know it’ll make me cry all over again.”

“Jintai, let’s cut the cake!” The assistant director called him.

Mrs. Yan said, “Go and celebrate with the crew first. Don’t eat too much. I also brought a cake that I made myself.”

Shen Jintai smiled, looked at Yan Qiuchi again, and then ran to the crew.

Bai Qingquan called out, “Jintai!”

Shen Jintai turned his head to look and saw Bai Qingquan beckoning him, so he ran over. “Congratulations, it’s finally over!”

“Thanks. I haven’t acted enough yet.” As he said this, Bai Qingquan wrapped his arms around Shen Jintai’s shoulders, and Shen Jintai did the same to him. Bai Qingquan said to the photographer, “Can you take a good picture? It’s the first time us two as rivals have taken such a close photo. Maybe it’ll catch fire.”

Everyone around laughed.

After the two of them took the photo, Shen Jintai let go of his hand and said, “Don’t leave just yet. You still have to eat some of my cake later.”

Zheng Siqi also came to take a photo with Bai Qingquan.

Shen Jintai’s birthday celebration commenced. The scene became chaotic and rowdy. The director personally lit the candle for him and held it in front of him. Producer Zhang put a birthday crown on Shen Jintai’s head and said, “Make a wish.”

Due to the popularity of <The East Palace is Coming>, the highlights of the drama were filmed alongside the drama and were named <The East Palace Chronicles>. It was broadcast on the official website. As long as it was on set, even when they weren’t filming scenes, the cameras remained turned on to record all related events. Shen Jintai wished, “Then I wish <The East Palace is Coming> will be watched for a long time and break the ratings again!”

The crew all applauded, and some laughed and shouted, “No matter how high we are, we’ll definitely break 4 on both stations!”

“More than breaking 4, it’s best to break 6 in the end.” Based on Shen Jintai’s rhetoric, it could be seen that he had completely recovered from the emotional impact of filming.

He closed his eyes with a smile and made his wish. Only a few candles were blown out when he blew. Zheng Siqi and Bai Qingquan smiled and leaned in to help him blow out his remaining lit candles. With a click, the scene was captured by another photographer.

The three heads looked similar. They were all handsome young men in their twenties. Because the flash was turned on, the surroundings were dark and only the three of them with shining bright faces appeared clearly in the picture. This photo became a classic set of photos of <The East Palace is Coming> and the origin of <The East Palace Three Masters>… But this was a later story to tell.

The next part of the celebration was a dinner with the entire crew. The scene was in full swing, and it was even more lively than on the day of filming. The actors and actresses, along with the staff, all talked enthusiastically. Those responsible for taking down the set went off diligently, while those who needed to remove their makeup went to their dressing rooms. Yan Qiuchi had to meet with Director Guo and Producer Zhang first and asked his mother, “Mom, are you going with me, or do you want to wait for Jintai?”

Mrs. Yan was unaccustomed to hearing “Jintai”. She was taken aback at first, then said, “You guys go first. I’ll go with Xiao Jin.”

Shen Jintai had gone to remove his makeup. When he got to his dressing room, he saw Bai Qingquan come out of his room wearing a down jacket. Wei Ge hurriedly walked out. The two of them met at the door, and Shen Jintai said with a smile, “So fast?”

Bai Qingquan: “My fans are still waiting for me.”

“The whole crew is having dinner later.” Shen Jintai said.

“I know. I’ll join the crew once I greet the fans. I can’t leave without saying anything.” After he finished talking, Bai Qingquan clasped Shen Jintai’s hand, and the two of them held their hands together for a moment before they were released, and Bai Qingquan walked away.

Shen Jintai couldn’t help but grin as he turned towards his dressing room only to hear a ding dong. Xiao Ai had come online.

Xiao Ai: “Dear!”

Shen Jintai was influenced by the harmonious and exciting atmosphere just now. He was in a particularly happy mood as he said to Xiao Ai, “I got points again?”

“Yes! It has been detected that Bai Yueguang’s favorability for you has soared again. The killer ankles reward has been sent out! Your next reward is a beauty reward, and it has already accumulated eight points!”

“Is there a choice for the next beauty reward?”

“Dear, it’s just… I didn’t expect your tasks to be completed so quickly. I’m afraid there will not be many options for rewards in the future, so I have temporarily cancelled your right to choose. You’ll earn them directly as you complete your tasks. For your next beauty reward, you’ll have shiny and white teeth that’ll remain that way until you’re 60.”

Wow! With this, he could do toothpaste commercials in the future.

“Kiss~ You’re in a good mood today.”

Shen Jintai smiled and went into the dressing room. After removing his makeup, he came out of the house wrapped in a long down jacket and got into Mrs. Yan’s car. After getting into the car, he asked, “Where’s President Yan?”

“He went with Director Guo and the others, presumably to talk about business.” Mrs. Yan touched his hands. “You’re still so cold.”

Shen Jintai: “No matter how many layers I wear, my hands and feet are always like this.”

“It’s okay if your hands are cold, but if your feet are icy, you must soak them in hot water before going to bed. I have studied with a health master in the past few years. He said that foot soaking has many benefits. You should also try it. I soak mine in herbal medicine every night before going to bed. I’ll let you try it when we go home,” Mrs. Yan said. “You’re the opposite of Qiuchi on this point. He’s very strong, and his hands and feet have always been warm since he was a child.”

Shen Jintai smiled. His phone started to ring. He answered it and started talking about it for most of the ride. “My phone was turned off during filming, and I didn’t have time to talk during my breaks.” He said to Mrs. Yan.

Mrs. Yan smiled and said, “It’s okay. I know you’re very busy.” For the first time, she really felt deeply that Shen Jintai had changed. He became busier and more confident, resembling a slight shadow of Yan Qiuchi.

Yan Qiuchi had always been busy in his life with work. She was happy for Shen Jintai but was also a little disappointed.

Shen Jintai was looking through his WeChat messages when he suddenly raised his head and asked, “Has Yaoxuan returned to China?”

Mrs. Yan froze for a moment. “No.”

“He asked me out for dinner.” Shen Jintai showed the text message to her.

Mrs. Yan was surprised and said, “This kid, when he returned to his country, he didn’t tell us anything at all. I mentioned him on the way here. Qiuchi said that he hadn’t decided whether to return or not.”

“Then I will send him the restaurant address,” Shen Jintai said.

Mrs. Yan took out her phone and called Yan Yaoxuan directly. The phone was quickly connected, but there was a lot of background noise. She couldn’t clearly hear very well. Mrs. Yan asked, “Are you back?”

“Well…” the noise at the other end finally became a little quieter. “I’m back.”

Mrs. Yan: “Where are you? It’s so noisy.”

Yan Yaoxuan: “Karaoke with friends.”

Mrs. Yan: “Today is Xiao Jin’s birthday. We’re going to have dinner. Xiao Jin is sending you the address if you want to come.”

After hanging up the phone, she smiled and said to Shen Jintai, “He must have known that it’s your birthday today and wanted to surprise you, so he didn’t tell anyone.”

Looking at Mrs. Yan’s expression, Shen Jintai deduced that she didn’t know about Yan Yaoxuan’s confession. He gave her a cordial smile back as he texted the address to Yan Yaoxuan.

Yan Yaoxuan replied with an OK emoji.

The crew had been working nonstop. With Chinese New Year’s approaching, they were given a three-day vacation. Before, it was impossible for breaks. The drama was too big and one day off would be a lot of money lost.

The actors could rest since they had arranged schedules. The crew, on the other hand, couldn’t and some had to miss important occasions, such as one of the photographers who couldn’t be with his wife after she just gave birth.

Despite the high ratings of the show, the crew hadn’t held a celebration banquet yet. Tonight’s dinner would be considered it. As Mrs. Yan stepped out of the car, she glanced at the restaurant and said, “Ah, they must’ve spent a lot of money.”

The crew had also invited back some actors who had already gone offline, such as Song Wei. They hadn’t seen them in a long time, so this occasion was also a rare get-together. The banquet was extremely lively.

Everyone ate and drank until they were full of food and wine. Many people were drunk. The drunkest was Guo Rui, who started to cry and kept thanking this and that. He had worked tirelessly on this drama and felt a huge sense of accomplishment. His tears were tears of joy.

Yan Qiuchi helped him out with Director Zhang. When they got him into the car, Shen Jintai ran out to say his goodbyes. When Director Guo saw him, he refused to leave. He held his hand and kept drunk talking with him.

Shen Jintai had drunk a normal amount of alcohol, but he was prone to flushing after drinking. His face and neck, and especially his ears, were red. When he ran out, he wasn’t wearing a coat, but only a thin sweater. He stood in the cold wind, nodding non-stop. After finally sending Guo Rui away, he returned inside and realized that he had an extra coat on when he sat down.

He became a little confused. He didn’t remember who and when a person put on the coat for him as he was talking to Director Guo. There were so many people coming and going that he didn’t pay attention at the time.

Slowly, the banquet was winding down as people began leaving one after another. The crew was prepared this time around as security outside was extremely strict. Many stars walked out in a drunken stupor. Bai Qingquan sat in the corner, staring blankly as his face was flushed with wine.

“Drink too much?” Shen Jintai sat down with a smile.

Bai Qingquan glanced up at him and smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth. His beautiful face was flushed as he said, “I’m a little confused.”

Shen Jintai: “Let’s go and head back and get a good rest. Everyone’s leaving.”

Bai Qingquan took a disposable wine glass, poured another glass of wine, and handed it to Shen Jintai. Shen Jintai hooked a cigarette on his ear, looking like a little ruffian, took the wine glass handed over by Bai Qingquan and said, “Ah? Haven’t you drunk enough?”

“We have to toast.” Bai Qingquan looked a bit drunk. His smile was soft, and his eyes were stained with alcohol, making him look quite seductive.

The two of them clinked their glasses, and after drinking, Bai Qingquan stood up woozily and opened his arms as Shen Jintai hugged him.

“I’m very happy that I introduced you to this crew at the beginning. I’m very happy to have made this drama with you. If I have the opportunity in the future, I want to cooperate again,” Bai Qingquan said.

The alcohol in their bodies intertwined, creating a mellow and intoxicating mood.

Shen Jintai: “Me too.”

The author has something to say:

The previous chapter was so sad, but this chapter is more prosperous.

Kinky Thoughts:

I’m asking myself… is Yan Qiuchi really the ML here? Cause to me… so far Shen Jintai x Bai Qingquan have such good chemistry! Though I guess he’s very thoughtful…

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  1. Para ser honesta del modo que el autor desarrollo las relaciones y sentimientos de los personajes jintai podría escoger o quedarse con cualquiera y no se sentiría forzado aunque debo decir que el desarrollo de qiuchi es el más lento tal vez demasiado lento


  2. I hope YYC is a late bloomer because he’s been overshadowed by almost every other male character thus far… I don’t mind slow romance and I do appreciate that his feelings came gradually. But I reckon the author should dedicate a little more time to him– even alone– just so we get to know him better.

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