Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch2

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 2: How Did He Change His Appearance?

Shen Jintai debuted a few years ago, and his only masterpiece was chasing men.

These days, in the entertainment circle, when referring to publicly chasing men, there was only one person who would come to mind: Shen Jintai. He, who was single before, generously spent money like dirt to chase after a man until he went bankrupt, yet still remained single in the aftermath.

When he returned home, Shen Jintai went to look in the mirror. The reflection showed a boy with red hair and fuchsia eyeshadow. His face showed a tinge of immaturity that made it look grisly, which was quite in line with the state of a vicious cannon fodder that was about to go offline.

His facial features were not exquisite compared to other handsome men in the industry, but still had potential. He also had the advantage that his skin was good, and his face was small.

He thought about the reward he’d get for completing his first task, and quickly looked at his ass. He felt that this figure was already good. He was almost 6 feet tall. His body wasn’t very wide either. His abdominal lines had blurred, revealing only skin and bones. On his collarbone was a tattoo that was…

Damn! It was Yan Qiuchi’s name with a red heart around it!

Nowadays, in a harmonious society and in the entertainment circle, such a big tattoo would be censored on TV, right?! Oh no. And this red hair was also inappropriate for television as well.

Without a second thought, Shen Jintai went to a tattoo shop.

“Are you sure you want to wash it off?” The handsome, tattooed guy repeatedly asked.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

He had washed his face before going out. Without make-up on, his face looked quite different from the gorgeous and enchanting appearance he had on stage. Still, the handsome tattooed guy recognized him and asked, “Hey, are you… Shen Jintai?” His tone sounded tentative, as if he wasn’t quite sure. How could Shen Jintai come to a small street shop like this? Wasn’t he a big star?

Shen Jintai once again felt the graces of his stardom! As a veteran actor who worked diligently for N-years and remained unknown, this kind of experience was both sour and refreshing!

If you’re not afraid of being blackened in the entertainment industry, then you’re not afraid of being popular.

“I am,” Shen Jintai said.

The tattooed guy became a little excited.

“Do you want a photo?” Shen Jintai took the initiative to ask.

The tattooed brother nodded frantically, and quickly took out his cell phone: “My girlfriend used to like you very much.” That was before. Later… Later, his girlfriend turned black*.

*Slandering and creating or spreading black materials (negative information) to defame someone or some projects, usually done by anti-fansIn this context, it means she became an anti-fan.

After taking the photo, the tattoo brother washed his tattoo.

“Can it be removed?” he asked.

“Your tattoo is too deep, and you have a colored tattoo. There’s no way to completely wash it off. It’s impossible to remove, but if you wash it a few times, it will get lighter.”

“Will it leave scars?”

“This depends on the person’s physique. Usually there is a bit of scarring.”

Shen Jintai nodded. “Wash it.”

The tattoo spread down from his collarbone and reached an indescribable place, which made the position very tricky to wash. It felt very painful during the washing process. He estimated that it was even more painful than when he got it tattooed. He felt blood dripping on his chest as he lay there with his eyes closed.

Death due to drought and death due to drowning*.

*Idiom referring to two extremes by using two extreme phenomena to show the gap between the two.

If he had this kind of luck, he would have become popular on his debut, yet this cannon fodder became pig-brained and retired for love. These are the types on the side of the enemy, especially those who would go dumb just for love.

After Shen Jintai retired, he still had a few old fans who never gave up. However, these old fans were completely stripped of their powder* after Shen Jintai tattooed Yan Qiuchi’s name on his body.


Fuck. He had never seen anyone so cheap!

The tattooed brother stomped his feet excitedly while washing.

Usually, tattoos had a deep story behind them, though there were few that were as full of love and hate as this one. When you love, you shouldn’t tattoo them onto your flesh. Otherwise, when you hate, the layer on your skin needed to be scraped off to remove all traces of it.

The tattoo brother thought, ‘Who is this Yan Qiuchi?’ The pattern was so deep, and it was tattooed in such a conspicuous space. He felt the name was a bit familiar and resolved to ask his girlfriend when he went back!

Shen Jintai made an appointment to come back again next week and went out clutching his chest. Although the treatment was done, his skin still showed some blood stains.

This was the price of love!

As soon as he sent Shen Jintai on his way, the tattooed brother immediately called his girlfriend. “Baby, guess who was here just now?!”

The girlfriend was curious. “Who?”

“Shen Jintai!”

Fans always had strong emotions regarding their fandom. They had a strong desire to love them, but this feeling can also give rise to hate. His girlfriend was silent for a few seconds before replying, “Are you trying to pick a fight?! Don’t mention that stupid bitch to me!”

The sky outside was already dim signaling the start of night, but the streetlights weren’t on yet. Passersby were in a hurry, and no one recognized him, even though he had iconic red hair. He went to a salon not far away to dye his hair and change to a fresher hairstyle.

Red hair made his natural skin look too pale and tender. Dyeing it black made it fairer.

The young barber said, “You kind of remind me of a star.”  Though after thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t recall the name Shen Jintai.

Shen Jintai smiled in the mirror. He was not familiar with this face yet. When he looked in the mirror, he seemed to be looking at someone else. He saw an unfamiliar fresh facial feature that was enveloped around his soul full of ambition and desire. Blended together, they formed a contradictory attraction, just like water under a frozen river in spring, ready to break the ice.

If he became more handsome, he would enthrall the entire entertainment industry!

When he left the salon, he reflexively reached into his pocket to take out a cigarette. Instead, he felt something soft and cottony. After looking, he remembered that it was the thong he had tucked into his pocket. He was about to throw it into a trash can nearby when he hesitated and looked at the suit jacket that he was wearing and felt it was extremely loose and ill-fitted.

This seemed to be Yan Qiuchi’s. He took the wrong one when he was rushing out.

When Shen Jintai came home, he hung the thong and the suit jacket next to each other to amplify the contrast between the trashy thong and chic suit jacket. He planned to look at them every day as a warning and to give him motivation.

After a day’s rest at home, Li Meilan called.

Shen Jintai kicked his blanket away without opening his eyes. He was accustomed to sleeping without clothes. He stretched out his limbs and dangled his long legs on the edge of the bed. “Hello?”

Li Meilan said, “I picked up a role for you. Male number two. Are you going?”

What? Male number two! Of course he’ll go! This is the second main male character!

“Will go, will go.” Shen Jintai opened his eyes immediately and sat up vigorously. “I can’t believe I can still get the role of a second male lead.” He was quite breathless.

Li Meilan laughed dryly. “But…”

She coughed. “The male lead is Bai Yueguang.” Bai Yueguang was not only in the title of the novel, but it was also the elegant name given to him by his fans.

The bright moon shines among the pines, and the clear spring stone flows up. It was specially paired with Bai Yueguang.

Everyone knew that Shen Jintai and Bai Yueguang were rivals.

Li Meilan thought that he was afraid and would refuse, so she hurriedly said, “You also know that you have been silent for the past two years. And you know how fast the entertainment industry changes. At the moment, the only resources I can get for you are all activities in some small 18th-tier cities with no scripts.”

This wasn’t a surprise. Shen Jintai was famous for his stiff acting. He once acted in an idol drama, but due to his awkward acting, he became a meme.

“Bai Yueguang was really kind. When he heard that you were going to make a comeback, he immediately called the producer. The producer readily agreed and asked you to audition tomorrow. Bai Yueguang is now one of the top actors in the industry. You being the second male lead in this project would be the best route for your comeback. You should consider it carefully.”

Of course, the producer would agree. The fact that they were both rivals outside of the play and that their roles are the same inside it would generate a lot of buzz. This would catapult Shin Jintai back into the limelight. His comeback needed to be big and explosive.

“Also…” Li Meilan paused, and finally said, “This drama is one of the key investment projects of Sunshine Media this year…”

Sunshine Media was a film and television company that was established by the Yan Group in the past two years. Yan Qiuchi, the young prince of the Yan family, was in charge of it.

“Needless to say, I’ll go.” Shen Jintai said. He was worried that he would not have a chance to come into contact with these two people.

“Ding dong! Dear, Xiao Ai is online.”

“Holy shit!” Shen Jintai suddenly tossed his phone away. “You scared me to death!”

Xiao Ai chuckled. “Congratulations, dear. You will officially enter the strategy action plan tomorrow.”

“Are you going to release a plot task?”

“No, we are a very humane love system. We only ask for results, and we don’t care what kind of measures you take. However, in order to make you more motivated, I plan to give you a nice offer.”

“What offer?”

“According to the original rules, you will have to attack the white moonlight to get the first reward. However, to better acquaint you with our reward system and to show that we care for you, we’ll give you a reward and an upgrade in advance. You only need to accumulate 10 points to get your ass reward.”

“Can you tell me about the next reward?” He didn’t want it all to be about the ass. What he wanted was face, face, face!

“Wait a minute, Xiao Ai will check it for you… Dear, your next reward is to become beautiful.”

Shen Jintai was finally relieved.

“Because the theme of your reward is to make you become more beautiful and sexier, these traits are rewarded in turn. That is to say, your first reward will be related to something sexy, and the next reward will be related to beauty. This will continue to rotate back and forth like so.”

Well, to be a star, you really need both body and face.

“By the way, Xiao Ai kindly reminds you that though your task is to attack Bai Yueguang, your real goal is to suppress the male protagonist in order to sharpen him and make him stronger and more ambitious. So, in addition to your task of attacking Bai Yueguang, you can get additional points if your actions affect the male protagonist positively. After all, the conflict between the male protagonist and the villain will make readers’ blood boil, increasing their enthusiasm for the novel.”

So it was like this.

“The more intense the conflict, the more reward points.”

Why did he think that this was weird? This shameful reward system couldn’t help but make people think crookedly.

As soon as he made up his mind, Xiao Ai laughed “hehehe”. It was relying on this.

“Can you stop laughing so wretchedly.”

“Okay, Xiao Ai won’t bother you anymore. I’m going offline! Good luck! Good luck! Good luck! Beep!”

Shen Jintai flopped on his bed. What the hell was this? He pinched his thigh to assure himself that this was all real.

Shen Jintai went to audition early the next morning. Li Meilan and his assistant Xiao* Tang were already waiting for him at the door. Shen Jintai waved his hand from a distance. “Hi, good morning!”

*When used in front of a name, it refers to little/young, usually used by older people to address people younger than them. Think of it as like Junior Tang. It could also be used to address someone younger than you in an intimate way.

Li Meilan held her arms and glanced at him, then looked at Xiao Tang. “Who is that?”

“I have no idea.”

These days, these little-known actors would act like they were close to each other publicly, but in reality wasn’t really cordial.

Seeing their response was so cold, Shen Jintai took off his sunglasses and greeted them again. “Sister, good morning.”

Li Meilan and Xiao Tang both froze, staring at him for a while.

“Fuck.” Li Meilan stretched out her hand and pinched his chin while moving it around to inspect his face properly.

“Brother Jin?” Xiao Tang said, “I almost didn’t recognize you.”

He hadn’t seen Shen Jintai for a long time since Shen Jintai didn’t have much work. He knew that he was chasing Yan Qiuchi’s ass like an illegitimate rice*, so he didn’t need him.

*Reference to crazy fans who are extreme in their love for their idol and would invade their privacy to the point of stalking and harassing them.

Shen Jintai had lost weight. After dyeing his hair back, it seemed like his entire temperament had changed. The biggest thing was how he was dressed. When Shen Jintai debuted, his clothing was usually ostentatious, and that always garnered a lot of attention. Coupled this with his glamorous and flirtatious makeup and his high-profile personality, it had consistently set off a bloody storm in the entertainment industry.

But now he looked clean from head to toe, as if his youth had returned to him, basking brightly under the sun.

Three people entered the elevator. Li Meilan said, “You are really Niuhulu’s reincarnation. Have you changed sex?”

“Sister, don’t worry! I’m not like the past!”

The audition room they were going to was on the third floor. As the elevator went up one by one, Li Meilan said, “Are you still chasing Yan Qiuchi?”

The elevator made a ding dong noise, signifying they had arrived on the third floor. The elevator door slowly opened, and Shen Jintai’s voice was full of fighting spirit, as if he was a brand-new person. “Who is Yan Qiuchi? My father has never heard of him!”

As soon as he said it, he was startled to see four or five people standing outside the elevator. They were all dressed in black suits with wide shoulders and narrow waists. They had tall lines and two hands in their trouser pockets. There was an aura of abstinence around them, signifying that strangers should not approach them. Hearing what he said, his brows furrowed as his gaze passed through Li Meilan, looking straight ahead at the man before him.

He knew this person. It was the “regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, if you like men, then you want to be fucked by” Yan Qiuchi.

It was only yesterday when Yan Qiuchi threw him off the bed.

Though he looked cold now, as if he was surrounded by icebergs, later on he would become boiling hot. The line on his chin was tough and cold. The bridge of his nose was high. His thin lips looked clean. His facial features exuded heroism and nobility, giving off a feeling of extreme abstinence.

Such a strong abstinence feeling gave rise to a provocative taste. All at once, Shen Jintai understood why the original owner was so fascinated by him.

Yan Qiuchi shouted, “If you have the ability, try and see if you can actually seduce me!”

Such a man made people really want to conquer him. How exhilarating it would be to turn that upstanding face into a look of perversion.

Such ascetic desire was like a vagabond begging for mercy. It was like climbing Mount Everest. It was a pity that the original owner was frozen to death before he even climbed halfway up and couldn’t see the grand scene that he wanted.

At first glance, Shen Jintai was slightly embarrassed when he remembered the cheap words he had used a few days ago as he was chasing after Yan Qiuchi’s ass. All the staff could recognize his distinct voice, forever haunting him by reminding him of his past.

“Father hasn’t heard of him?” Ha ha ha! Has he forgotten the hungry look he had when he shamelessly followed this big boss every day, calling him husband?!

Everyone looked at the elevator contemptuously to see a young man in a white shirt and black pants standing behind Li Meilan.

A faintly handsome black-haired guy with a youthful look and a smile on his lips.

This is…Shen Jintai?

They haven’t seen him for a few days, yet how… How did he become like this?!

The author has something to say:

Shen Jintai: Yan Qiuchi is the Everest that everyone wants to climb, but no one can climb it.

Author: It doesn’t matter if others can’t climb, you will climb.

Kinky thoughts:

There’s a lot of commonly use terms within the entertainment industry novels that I’ll try my best to explain. I’m not too familiar with some of them myself, so I may need your help.

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  2. You should probably pick a better word than “washing” when you’re talking about tattoo removal. Makes it sound like it’s done with a rough sponge and lots of bleach


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