Happy Doomsday Ch150

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 150: Strange Noise

They were standing on the edge of the doll’s head, near the real stone platform. Xiao Zhao didn’t gather her companions who were fighting in the distance but was alone as she looked at Tang Yibu with interest.

“I seem to have heard it wrong just now.” The smile on Xiao Zhao’s face became sickeningly sweet. “Did you refuse, Xiao Tang?”

“No.” Tang Yibu didn’t speak nonsense. This time, he stated it more clearly and loudly. His hand movements became a bit heavier. Ruan Xian instantly understood and pretended that he was badly hurt from that previous fight. He leaned his feet towards Tang Yibu’s chest vainly.

Tang Yibu carefully guided Ruan Xian to the ground, and then took a few steps forward to block his body.

“Then there’s no way out.” Xiao Zhao sighed and rubbed the residual blood on her hands. “Let’s see… How many of your bones did I break before? But now it seems that I have to send your little lover away first. I should have guessed a long time ago that you would run into a guy that could fight. Haa, people’s hearts these days—”

As soon as Xiao Zhao was halfway through speaking, her figure flashed and appeared behind Tang Yibu. She clenched the knife in her hand and jabbed at Tang Yibu’s waist. Tang Yibu pretended to stagger and escaped the blow smoothly.

“Progress!” she exclaimed.

Ruan Xian narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Zhao’s path was completely different from that of the enemy just now. Tang Yibu’s movements were very smooth, and it could be seen that he had not been seriously disturbed. But every time the android moved, there would be a few weird redundancies in his steps.

It was a misdirection.

Compared with complete confusion of perception, Xiao Zhao apparently preferred to hide false details in their environment. Unless one could concentrate, it was difficult to tell what details were deliberate on the part of the opponent—at the moment, Tang Yibu was focusing on hiding his strength and couldn’t completely let go and fight. On the other hand, although Tang Yibu’s perception was somewhat strengthened to a certain extent, it was still very different from the S-type Prototype. Ruan Xian didn’t think Tang Yibu could accurately distinguish those traps.

False projections or depressions on the ground, the wrong edge of the terrain, the subtle deviations in the trajectory of the opponent’s blade and the misalignment of movements; these details were nothing if one just looked at them, but if you were caught in a real fight, they were enough to be a butterfly that could cause a hurricane.

Tang Yibu suppressed all his combat reaction speed and strength to that of an ordinary person that had extensive combat experience at most while looking fiercely. Unfortunately, his opponent was too crazy—Xiao Zhao’s fighting style was beyond what a normal person could do.

“This won’t do.” The tip of Xiao Zhao’s knife slashed across Tang Yibu’s shoulder, bringing up a splash of blood. She herself somersaulted and landed lightly like a feather. “In another five minutes, you’ll be consumed by me… I say Xiao Tang, you really disappointed me that I didn’t even use such a boring method like taking your lover hostage.”

Her movements were crisp and clean, without the slightest trace of sloppiness. It could be seen that she was obviously very good at killing. Relying on the weight and strength of a male physique, Tang Yibu barely kept the battle in a stalemate, but he was also faintly revealing defeat.

“You hurt my hand again.” She just muttered in a complaining tone.

Distracted by those false details, coupled with the opponent’s deadly offensive methods and abnormal movement speed, Tang Yibu could barely attack Xiao Zhao properly. He spent most of his time focusing on defense while Xiao Zhao was like a well-fed cat that was playing with its prey that was struggling in front of it.

Ruan Xian propped his body up off the ground, fixating his eyes on Tang Yibu. To be honest, he wasn’t worried about the android’s safety. As long as Tang Yibu was willing to show a little strength, he could easily crush Xiao Zhao’s skull with his bare hands, and his own preparation was completed. The healing blood gun under his white jacket was ready to go.

But these practices require them to expose a certain degree of strength. Now that someone of unknown origin was spying on them, they couldn’t predict what kind of chain-reaction effects would take place if they were exposed.

What are you going to do, Yibu?

He seemed to be aware of Ruan Xian’s sight. In the middle of the battle, Tang Yibu turned his head sideways, gave him a bright smile, and then shook his head gently.


In the gap between the fierce battle, the android mouthed.

“Not the right…”

The short knife slashed across Tang Yibu’s chest again, staining his clothes red with blood. Although it looked tragic, Ruan Xian was able to make a simple judgement based on the amount of bleeding. Tang Yibu successfully avoided all his vitals but purposefully created a particularly scary wound.

“…time yet.” Tang Yibu completed the information transmission.

At the same time, he was kicked in the chest by Xiao Zhao. He lost his balance and fell to the ground on his back. Xiao Zhao jumped onto his stomach and neatly raised the knife in her hand.

While Ruan Xian was still laying on the ground, Xiao Zhao had never dropped her guard against him. Ruan Xian was sure that the location in which he saw Xiao Zhao wasn’t true. Compared to attacking with his blood gun while his perception was in disarray, it was better to aim the healing blood gun at Tang Yibu.

The problem was Tang Yibu’s intention.

In a certain way, the two of them were very close to the same kind. It was impossible for them to completely pin their own safety on others; they would hold the initiative firmly in their hands. Ruan Xian knew this well, but his heart started to become uncontrollably irritable.

“Just a bunch of overcautious movements. I take back my words. You haven’t made any progress at all. You still look like you’re afraid of death.” Xiao Zhao shook her broken wrist. While Tang Yibu looked at it, her other hand quickly sent out a knife. “When fighting for your life like this, you better use everything you’ve got.”

With her knees pressed against his abdomen, Tang Yibu looked like he was bleeding out and dying.

The knife was raised in slow motion in Ruan Xian’s field of vision, and then fell at an even slower speed. Xiao Zhao didn’t seem to have any intention of killing Tang Yibu. The target of the tip of the knife was Tang Yibu’s right eye.

Ruan Xian hooked the trigger of the blood gun with his finger.

Tang Yibu suddenly smiled. He reached out a hand and let the sharp knife penetrate his palm, then he grabbed the knife together with Xiao Zhao’s hand.

“Got you.” He sounded calm, and his weak appearance disappeared without a trace.

Before Xiao Zhao had time to react, her arms rang out with a click. Removing the joints of the opponent’s arms, Tang Yibu slowly pulled the knife out of his palm, slowly got up, and pushed Xiao Zhao to the ground.

“Thank you for your experience summary.” Tang Yibu patted the soil on his body. His tone was polite. “I’ll also offer a little bit of advice—opponents are easiest to beat at the moment they think they are going to win.”

“Oh?” Xiao Zhao was mercilessly stepped on by Tang Yibu, but there was no panic in her voice. She slowly twisted the corners of her mouth. “This sentence also applies to… Ah!”

Now that Xiao Zhao’s position was successfully determined, Ruan Xian didn’t hesitate to shoot her dishonest left foot twice. Tang Yibu tore off her shoe when he saw this. A long sharp spike popped out from the tip of her shoe and was shining with an unpleasant luster.

“One more thing. I never said this was a one-on-one fight.” Tang Yibu threw the shoe away casually. For insurance, he pulled the other shoe off and tossed it away as well. “Thanks, Mr. Ruan.”

Ruan Xian lay on the ground and waved his hand, continuing to hide the fact that he had already recovered.

“What a lack of gentlemanly manners.”

Both her arms’ joints were dislocated, one leg was shot, but there was still no panic in Xiao Zhao’s voice. Ruan Xian could see that there was a subtle difference between her calmness at this moment and the one she just had—before, her calmness stemmed from self-confidence, but now it stemmed from numbness.

“Today is so unlucky. I lost. How are you going to kill me? Are you going to dramatize it?”

Tang Yibu didn’t immediately turn to Ruan Xian. He tore the hem of his black undershirt and simply bandaged the few large wounds to stem the blood loss. “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“There’s no point—”

“It depends on whether you are willing to cooperate.” Tang Yibu ignored Xiao Zhao’s reaction.

“Cooperate with what? Anyway, it’s either robbing resources or occupying territory. Or do you want revenge? How boring as hell.”

“I want this island,” Tang Yibu said softly.


“I’m going to kill the administrator and seize this island.” Tang Yibu continued to firmly step on Xiao Zhao. “It’s inconvenient to look for things if you’re constantly subject to the management system of this island.”

“What does your scavenger hunt have to do with us?” Xiao Zhao raised her brows.

“Staying in this show for so many years is quite boring, no?” Tang Yibu bent down slightly, giving a polite, but intimidating smile. “If the audience keeps wanting to see this, you’ll have to live here for the next ten, or even hundreds of years. Su Zhao, I guess you and Kang Ziyan have already tried every trick in the book, right?”

Xiao Zhao stopped talking and just rolled her eyes and looked at Tang Yibu.

“You put out sincerity to help other people and try to influence everyone, but at the end of the day, it’s still a show. Then… You probably thought, if you try to kill people, you’ll have a different experience, so you acted. In the end, all that’s left is self-destruction, right?” Tang Yibu said briskly. “You perform various acts to make the audience give up on you, but looking at your current situation, you should fully understand—”

Xiao Zhao smiled, but the smile was so distorted that even Ruan Xian who saw it was left speechless for a few seconds. Xiao Zhao’s facial features were so exquisite and cute that it was hard to imagine that her face could twist to create such an uncomfortable smile.

“No matter how you perform, the audience will want you to live, because your situation is very special in and of itself. If there is really a reasonable ending… You’re afraid that you will become stronger, lose all reason, and be arranged to die as ‘monsters’ on this island in a grand hunt.”

As long as they still had the ability to think, the Mainbrain wouldn’t give up observing. As people who knew the truth and had real personalities, this couple was destined to be squeezed into useless trash before they could meet the end of their lives.

Now, they were still half-crazy, and their strength was eye-catching, so they wouldn’t be easily given up.

“Look, the medical machinery is already on standby around the corner.” Tang Yibu snorted.

“Even if we give you information, what will we get?” Xiao Zhao cocked her head. A trace of clarity glinted in her eyes.

“Something not boring.” Tang Yibu moved his feet away. “With your ability, you should have never won over the administrator. A rare new toy in years, don’t you want to try it?”

“Mm-hmm, that sounds great. However, we won’t guarantee your safety and lives. After all, it’s also very interesting to take action against you.” Xiao Zhao licked the blood at the corner of her mouth. “That’s okay?”

“Deal.” Tang Yibu completely retracted his feet. He had no plan to treat Xiao Zhao, but just hid in the shadows and watched Xiao Zhao climb to the treatment machine by herself.

“You knew she would agree?” After a long kiss for treatment, Ruan Xian panted a little bit.

“At first they were a bit like you when we just met.” Tang Yibu pretended to put a bandage on himself. “But unlike your situation, they were probably sincere.”

Those two people once really wanted to change those androids who knew nothing about the android show, as well as the humans who were gradually added after the Great Rebellion.

However, even if protracted killing and chaos couldn’t change everyone, long despair would. Those two people hadn’t completely lost their minds. Tang Yibu didn’t expect them to have much of their former goodness left. He just needed to be clear that to this day, those two people would still remember their hatred for this show.

Hatred should be the most unforgettable emotion.

“I have witnessed the process of their collapse. If there’s anyone on this island who wants to deal with the administrator the most, their desire for his destruction may be stronger than ours.” Tang Yibu stretched out his bloodied hand to Ruan Xian. “Help me wrap it up, Mr. Ruan. I also want a bow.”

Ruan Xian shook his head amusedly and wrapped Tang Yibu’s quickly healing palm with a bandage. He pondered for a while and jerkily tied an ugly bow.

Tang Yibu stared at the bow for a while, was silent for a long time, and then exhaled. “Let’s go, Mr. Ruan.”

“No need to wait for them?”

“Those two guys are popular characters. Although I just killed a group of detection birds, many more will come soon.” Tang Yibu picked up Ruan Xian. “Let them handle it by themselves. If they can’t even find us, there is not much need for cooperation. And…”


“Those two people may not really be ‘both’ crazy.”

On the other side, without Ji Xiaoman’s response, Yu Le quickly looked around and decided to find a place to park.

Just rushing into the other team blindly, the bullets would only get denser. In case Ji Xiaoman was injured, he would only be pushing her towards the underworld. Yu Le never considered himself a saint. Although the two children in the back row were also pitiful, if he really had to choose between his companions and women and children, he would choose the former.

“Ji Xiaoman! Little profiteer!” Yu Le slammed the roof of the car with his fist. “Damn, just squeal if you’re still alive!”

There was a heavy bang on the roof of the car, but it didn’t look like the movement that Ji Xiaoman could make—the sound was too dull, and the strength was terrifying.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The sound was becoming more regular. Cold sweat began to emerge from Yu Le’s forehead. The experienced ruins pirate was unable to distinguish the cause of this sound. The life and death of his companion was uncertain, and an unnatural movement was close at hand…

“Gwah!!!” The sound of banging stopped, and a brand-new bark broke through the air.

“Lao Yu, I’m fine. I just got… Tsk… Bumped by this.” Ji Xiaoman’s feeble voice followed after the bark.

Yu Le: “……”

The pirate leader rolled his eyes and stepped on the gas.

The author has something to say:

Congratulations π on your return to the team!!!

As soon as it returned to the team, it took down one of its own (…)

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